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Keune Celebrates 100 years of Professionals-Only Service to the International Hair Industry

Since 1922, we have been making hair products for professionals, but we are so much more than just a supplier - all salons that work with us are a part of the Keune family.

That’s our style.

Business with a personal touch.

Keune 100

This year marks a significant achievement for The Keune Family.

It all started in 1922 in a pharmacy in Amsterdam with a young, determined chemist called Jan Keune and his wife, who were on a mission to try and find a way to get curls to stay in hair longer than Hair Setting.

By 1927 the first perm was developed and marketed to the salons in the Netherlands and to the world and the rest, as they say, is history. Keune’s History.

Family is Our Style

We invite you to become an integral part of the Keune family embracing the hundreds of thousands of salons and millions of stylists in over 90 countries and territories around the world who will be joining The Keune Family in celebrating 100 years of dedicated service to the Professional hair industry this year.

To this day, we remain 100% family-run and owned, which not many brands can boast anymore. We guarantee you the quality that comes from a Family dedicated to upholding the family’s name on the brand.

Our Core Principle: Professionals-Only Service

Our commitment to the Professional Hair Industry is unrivalled as we only supply hair salons and hairstylists around the world. With Keune as your business partner, we commit to the success of your hard-earned business, by providing you with the highest quality and best performing products available today. Through science and technology with NASA level chemists, we engineer products in our own laboratories that perform from the get-go and deliver long lasting results you can rely on and keep your guests coming back for more.

Keune is for those with Character. Character is defined as those who Pioneer, who Bounce Back, and choose their own path and don’t let others decide what road they take. We help you push boundaries and explore new possibilities with hair while still delivering incredible condition and shine.

We Care.

Planet-Friendly Business Ethos, Eco-Sound Ingredients, Animal-Conscious Production

The Keune Family is fully committed to Environmental, Social and Animal causes. The entire factory and offices are solar powered, single use plastic reduction is ongoing and shrinking year on year. We only work with fair trade farms for our natural ingredients and ensure workers’ rights. Recycle, Re-use and Reduce is the mantra we follow.

No animal testing on neither finished product nor ingredients, is carried out. Keune won’t supply countries where this is a requirement.

Most of our professional products are certified Vegan and our Keune Care range is skin care based, as only a healthy scalp can grow strong, healthy hair.

All Styling Aids are heat protective to 230 degrees and sunscreen is formulated into most product lines where necessary.

Browse just a few of our many milestones below:

1922 Keune starts in Amsterdam

1922 Focus on development of hot perm formulas

1927 Production of hot perm started

1947 Keune celebrates 25 years

1950 Keune introduces hairspray in the Dutch market

1951 Cold wave, a cold perm formula was introduced

1951 George Keune joins the company

1956 Introduction of the first aerosol (fine mist) hairspray in Europe

1977 Keune introduces hair gel

1978 Launch Care and Styling

1990 Introduction Tinta Color (PPD free) Longest lasting and most conditioning color.

2008 Relaunch Care Line

2016 The introduction of Bond Fusion

2017 Launch 1922 by J.M Keune

2018 Relaunch Design and change of name to Style

2020 Introduction Color Chameleon

2021 Relaunch Semi Color


2022 100-year anniversary

Join Us!

We invite you to visit our website to explore the wonderful world of Keune or call All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644 to chat to a consultant to learn how we can benefit your business and help your business grow.



For more information contact:

Phone: 082 787 8105


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