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Styles: Power Pose by Jamie Wiley, USA

This collection is inspired by women around the world who stand in their power. Defined as making a statement, they are creators of their own narrative. In addition, this woman empowers other women with her resilience, strength, and courage. She also embraces her flaws as a process that makes her even more beautiful.

It is then that real power and real beauty begin. The images show us power moves that accentuate the boldness of hair inspired by each woman's inner aura.

Hair: Jamie Wiley @jamiewileyeditorial

Hair Assistant: Ivelisse Cardona @ivelisse_masterstylist - Elysa Urkiel @elysaurkiel - Sarah Cruz @sarahcroz

Photography: Anna Chernobaeva @annachernphoto

Retouche: Anna Chernobaeva @annachernphoto

MUA: Phiphi Liang @phiphiliang

Styling: Anica Buckson @xx_anaka_xx

Designers: @durdoux @macduggal @barolloitaly @azaleawangofficial @theconfessionalshowroomnyc @adrianaiglesias_official @csiriano @ragandbone @jessicasimpsonstyle @wear_honghoa @mixxshuz_official @shopakira @tayana_rocaille @izabysilviadavila @patbo @mirimari_fashion @kimberlygoldson @crownandmaiden @cinqasept @aliceandolivia @labelmannatgupta @thefursalonnyc @lenshinanchami @clairedesignerclothing @solomeinajewelry

Models: Claudia Barnard @claud_barnard - Chichi @unxegbu - Dora Mwangi @deepfriedlettuce

Products: Pureology & Mizani @pureology @mizani


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