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Stylist Opportunities Available at Scar Hair

A window of opportunity as 2 spaces open up at scar…

There is something to be said from learning with the best.

scar has education and essentially style at the foreground of what they do.

scar exists for talent and a scar stylist has the unique opportunity of catapulting their career and clientele by just being there.

It is a space worth doing anything to get into.

Learn from the best and you cut and colour the best.

There are two chairs and a creative Dream Team excited to meet their new stylists in 2022. Could it be YOU?

If you are excited by this apply now. (If you are not – then definitely don’t!) Let scar know your story or your plans and dreams.

Don’t be scared… be a scar. It may just be the start of a new path for you with them.

Either way, the scar team loves to meet and assist stylists in finding that place where they can belong.

Reach for a scar.

Click HERE to apply.

Become a scar stylist! - scar hair

Become a scar stylist. Learn with the best. Cut the best. The hair industry needs you! Scar feeds and exists for talent.


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