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Milkshake’s Blond Passion Menu: For Perfect Blond Results from Start to Finish

Do you have a passion for creating blond looks in your salon? Do you love using techniques and products that will give every client that head-turning result that they will adore?

With Milkshake, you are assured that every blond look you create in-salon will wow your clients with the tone, result, and shimmering health of the hair.

Perfect Lightening and Techniques

Choose from our wide range of lightening products to create the look that intensifies the hair’s inner luminosity, offering perfect tonal results and strong, healthy hair.

Milkshake Decologic Black Light is our latest hero product! This innovative black lightening cream is enriched with charcoal and special pigments for creating intense and cool tones, lightening up to 7 levels on those natural-looking blond tones. Its efficient dual action blond enhancement is paired with its special complex of fruit oligosaccharides that protects hair leaving it healthy and soft, maintaining its integrity and condition.

Be inspired by these incredible blond techniques!

Perfect Blond Homecare and Maintenance

Make sure your clients make the most of their gorgeous new look by using the correct homecare for luminous, radiant healthy blond hair with longevity!

Need cool toning? milk_shake® silver shine counteracts brassiness, neutralising warmth and delivering cool silver with manageability and silky softness and shine. *BESTSELLER PRODUCT RANGE!

Need damage repair? milk_shake® integrity treats damaged hair, deeply nourishing and conditioning with rich natural active ingredients that repairs and reconstructs the hair for lustrous radiance.

Need colour tones? milk_shake® colour whipped cream offers a range of delicious shades to keep any colour intense or to add gorgeous pastel effects to lighten hair.

Need perfect styling? milk_shake® lifestyling completes the look and style from the most natural to the most defined.

Blond maintenance is a pleasure with the luxurious feel and fabulous results of these products, packed with natural ingredients!

From start to finish, Milkshake is your salon partner for perfect blondes.

Contact our friendly team today to try the products for yourself, and set your salon up for blond specialist success!

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