Styles: Spectrum by Chung-Yang Su, AUS

For my SPECTRUM collection I took my inspiration from how colour is seen and used in our lives. Colour is used in representing people's personalities, for instance a person with a bubbly outgoing personality would normally be represented by bright vibrant colours that are seen as warming, perhaps a bright yellow. Whereas someone who is more introverted or reclusive is often represented by cooler more solemn colours, perhaps a darker blue.

Designers use colours to give feeling to their creations whether it be a building or clothing, and the colour is used to elicit a response in individuals. When it resonates with an individual, we take this creating and make it a part of our own personality. These could be things that are neutral for a non-offensive living space to a dark sharply designed suit to project a feeling of power.

My collection is named "Spectrum" as it is my representation of the interaction between colour, our surroundings and the individual, shaping and creating who we are.

Hair – Chung-Yang “Yoshi” Su @yoshisumelbourne

Colour – Sanja Scher @sanjascher

Photo – Michaela Barca @michaelabarcaphotograpy

Makeup – Sarah Baxter @srrbxtr

Styling – Jessica Jade Hunter @jessica_jadehunter

Jewellery -

Model - @caseydollxx

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