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Collagen & Co for Healthy Skin, Body & Hair

Collagen helps to fulfil one of mankind’s oldest desires to stay younger for longer. This Collagen is the world’s most researched Collagen and is trusted worldwide for its quality and will assist you and your clients in the following categories:

1. Amazing skin health

2. Stronger, thicker hair

3. Strong, healthy nails

4. Improved muscle growth and recovery – great for sport nutrition

5. Stronger, healthier joints and connective tissue 6. Relieves arthritic pain, anti-inflammatory

7. Improved bone density, stronger healthier bones

8. Improved eye health, takes away floaters

9. Enhanced tissue repair

10. Liver disease prevention and liver detoxification

11. Improved wound healing and post-operative healing

12. Vastly improved gut health; can heal leaky gut, IBS, Crohn’s etc

13. Improved heart health

14. Excellent sleep quality

15. Improved mental health

16. Enhanced brain health

17. Greater metabolic function

What it does for SKIN

(100% PURE, non-GMO and grass-fed so it’s free of hormones)

• Improves skin elasticity and hydration

• Reduces wrinkles

• Produces soft, supple skin

• Removes brown marks on the skin

• Prevents UV damage

• Reduces or totally eliminates cellulite

• Reduces or eliminates stretch marks

• Prevents early signs of ageing

• Diminishes roughness of ageing facial skin

• Increases the amount of collagen present in the skin

• Prevents the breakdown of collagen

• Increases the amount of natural collagen production

Just 1-2 tablespoons a day is all you need.

Keen to order for personal use or become a stockist?

Contact us at or 065 882 2410.


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