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Salome de Wet’s “How-To” Video To Enter the Kao Global Creative Awards: 2 Weeks till Entries Open!

How amazing is this? SA’s own superstar Salome de Wet, a Goldwell International Artistic Team member, stars in a “How-To” video to inform and inspire hairstylists on exactly how to enter.

Salome walks you through every step of the entry process with clear explanation. With her help you can be confident that your fabulous creative entry will be in line with the rules and will be accepted.

Creative people always find it easier to watch and learn, so use this as your simple and easy guideline to submit your entry.

Wishing you every success in this exciting competition!

There’s an email address provided in the video that you can use if you need any help along the way, or the Goldwell support team in South Africa is standing by!

Contact your local rep for friendly help and advice or call Kao head office on 011 312 5070 if you don’t yet have a rep, and a friendly rep will get in touch asap!


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