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Plan for a Better Future with a Cruise Ship Contract

Right now, many people are feeling discouraged and demoralised after a tough year. There could not be a better time to stay hopeful and think about what changes you can make for the better in your life and your career.

Cruise ships are not sailing at the moment, but as soon as the infection rate drops, they will be resuming their routes to some of the most exotic, amazing and sought-after places in the world.

Hairdressers are in high demand on cruise ships and South African hairdressers are known for their hard working ethos and their excellent skills. Now is the time to interview for a cruise ship contract, so that you are able to make exciting changes when the ships sail again.

You will be on board a luxury ship for the duration of your contract, earning tax-free dollars and with all accommodation and meals included!

You will sail to locations you have dreamed of, while taking care of a huge variety of guests in a breathtaking, state-of-the-art salon.

The training you receive before your contract will strengthen your skills and the experience you gain while on board, both technically and personally, will make you sought-after in top salons around the world after your contract.

Many cruise ship stylists do two or more contracts, seeing so much of the world, making lifelong friends from every corner of the globe, and ending up with a substantial amount of savings.

As long as you have completed your hairdressing studies, there is no upper or lower age limit for working on board. You can be young or mature, and will be assigned to the most suitable ship where you will thrive.

Yes, the work is hard, but it is incredibly fun and fulfilling, and you will learn to sell yourself and your services. Hygiene is also a top priority that will lay a strong foundation in your career.

Sign up today for the experience that will change your world! Register now for your confidential interview.

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