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EOHCB Urges Salons to Keep Covid Protocols In Place

Given the recent surge in cases, this is an urgent reminder from EOHCB of how salons can reduce their risk in the festive season and beyond. No salon wants to be subject to another lockdown, but if we all play our part in helping control the virus and be responsible at all times, we can help ensure that our industry remains open.

What practical measures should an employer implement to mitigate the risk of an COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace during and after the festive season?

• Send communication to all employees encouraging them to adhere to all health and safety protocols outside the working environment for the duration of the festive season.

• Remind employees throughout the festive season of the mandatory health and safety measures as required by government.

• Require of all employees who will be visiting hotspots as declared and published in the regulations during the festive season, to disclose such visitations to the employer or the human resources department or the COVID-19 compliance officer ahead of the commencement of annual leave.

• Ensure that all employees returning from annual leave after traveling to a hotspot area, provide either a negative COVID-19 test or observe the mandatory 10-day self-quarantining. Remember that an employee who can work from home during the 10-day period, must work from home and be remunerated for such work performed.

• Encourage all employees who display any symptoms of COVID-19 to remain at home and in serious cases, to submit themselves for testing.

• Maintain strict COVID-19 screening protocols and adhere to contact tracing requirements. The same should apply to members of the public. If a client is displaying any symptoms or upon screening the client to enter the working environment and symptoms are experienced, rather reschedule the appointment to mitigate any possible exposure in the workplace before the client even enter the establishment.

Best to conduct all screenings outside if possible and remember that visitors are still prohibited and clients should be attended to through a booking system and wait outside the working environment before entering to be serviced. This is to avoid any congestion in a waiting area. All the personal care sector-specific protocols must be observed at all times. Ensure that all health and safety measures are strictly adhered to, as many employees or members of the public may be asymptomatic.

For more information please contact your local EOHCB office or representative – you can find your local agent or office HERE.


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