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Nioxin In-Salon Therapies: Happiness is a Full Head of Hair

Nioxin’s Global Research† into the psychological impact of hair thinning, in partnership with Yale University psychologist Dr Marianne LaFrance, reveals how people experience thinning hair globally at all ages and walks of life. The research confirmed that some people with thinning hair hold back from living a fuller life. In fact, more than a quarter of respondents stated they would avoid social interactions if they experienced hair thinning. Most concerned with hair thinning (68%) are 25 to 34-year-olds. This group indexed higher in agreeing with ‘My thinning hair makes me feel self-conscious’. Help is at hand for thinning hair clients As a stylist, your skills give you the power to transform lives. Nioxin, the No 1 salon brand[1] for thicker, fuller looking hair[2], gives you the tools to do just that.

Customised Nioxin in-salon therapies are tailored to address the 3Ds – the three main causes of hair thinning: Derma, Density, and Diameter. In-salon therapies concentrate on scalp, roots and strands to deliver thicker, fuller-looking hair… and newfound confidence for all your clients!

Derma – Scalp Cleansing

Thinning hair concern: Inflamed or irritated scalp. Solution: A scalp that is clean and free from debris is the ideal environment for healthy, deeply rooted hair.

Suggested in-salon therapy

DERMA RENEW THERAPY to renew the scalp environment A facial for the scalp. Dermabrasion anti-ageing treatment with Scalp Infusion Technology accelerates scalp surface regeneration through exfoliation and removes build-up around follicles. Dermabrasion is recommended only every 30-45 days. This therapy takes 20–25 minutes.

Density – Root Resilience

Thinning hair concern: Noticeably fewer hair strands overall. Solution: Nioxin’s solution protects against damage and helps reduce hair loss due to breakage.

Suggested in-salon therapy

DENSITY PROTECT THERAPY for deep hair protection A conditioning treatment for lengths that strengthens the hair against damage by reducing breakage by up to 97%[3] leaving it smooth and manageable. This therapy takes 15–20 minutes.

Thinning hair concern: Noticeably fewer hair strands in patches. Solution: Nioxin’s approach provides hair resilience and controls the moisture balance to protect the cuticle ad strengthen the hair against breakage

Suggested in-salon therapy

DENSITY REVIVE THERAPY to revive areas of low density A treatment for areas of low density. Conditions hair and forms a barrier to help protect against cuticle damage. This therapy takes 10–15 minutes.

Diameter – Strands Boost

Thinning hair sign: Finer hair strands. Solution: Nioxin amplifies hair texture to deliver thicker, fuller-looking hair. Suggested in-salon therapy

DIAMETER BOOST THERAPY improves hair diameter Increases the diameter and thickens hair from the roots, to make it feel like there are 11,000[3] more hairs3. This therapy takes 25-30 minutes (incl. blow-dry).

A complete therapy for colour clients with thinning hair

3D COLOR LOCK THERAPY WITH SCALP PROTECT SERUM seals in colour and protects scalp and hair Pre-colour treatment helps to protect the scalp from irritation and post-colour sequence reduces breakage by up to 50%. Delivers long-lasting colour. This therapy takes 15–20 minutes.

Get Nioxin for your salon To stock Nioxin in your salon please call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or contact your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative. Skill-up with the award-winning MHB Education Team Continuous education keeps Nioxin stylists up to date with the latest advancements in product technology. Click here to find out more about Nioxin Education seminars, workshops and free online classes.

† Nioxin’s Global Research into hair thinning is based on the data collected from a December 2016 online survey of 4,000 adults conducted by One Poll across

[1] globally selling

[2] Value Data Kline & Company

[3] based on hair length of 30 cm, measured by weight of broken hair, compared to non-conditioning shampoo

[4] based on a scalp with an average of 100,000 hairs compared to untreated hair

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