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EOHCB: Shaping Your Social Media Approach to New Patterns in Your Consumer’s Lifestyle

Small business all over the world have struggled throughout the pandemic and many businesses now find themselves looking to understand how the consumer landscape has changed in South Africa and how they are able to adapt to keep up with new trends.

It is an important time to refresh your knowledge of the habits and preferences of your consumers, understanding what is unique to your consumer and knowing the ways in which they behave and interact with brands. Tracking behaviours and trends over time can help paint a picture of how your consumers feel about themselves, the details of their lifestyle habits, and even how they make purchases.

By understanding how your target consumer is unique and learning about the latest trends, including social media, you will be able to shape a strategy that lets you stand out and take your brand further.

A South African study of social media trends has revealed that:

• WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform in South Africa, followed

by YouTube and Facebook;

• Facebook remains the social platform of choice for marketing and that;

• TikTok is rising fast among both brands and consumers.

Source: Business Tech “The biggest and most popular social media platforms in

South Africa, including TikTok”

According to World Wide Worx, TikTok is the fastest growing platform in the country and although its initial growth was driven by a younger demographic, the platform is seeing more people aged 25 to 44 joining the platform, jumping from five million to nine million users over the last year.

Therefore, it is a good time to be asking yourself: what’s the demographic and lifestyle profile of your consumer and how can you use social media to drive brand discovery and purchases?

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