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Nioxin: August is Hairloss Awareness Month

For as long as humans have been conscious of hair loss, we have concocted restorative remedies in an attempt to combat hair loss. It is said that as far back as 4000 BCE, Egyptians ground and cooked a mixture of donkey hooves, dates, dog paws and oil. In Ancient Greece around 375 BCE, Aristotle argued for the efficacy of goat urine while Hippocrates endorsed a mixture of opium, pigeon poo, spices, horseradish, and beet root. Later still, in 50 BCE the Romans rubbed a mixture of urine and burned donkey genital ash onto the head.

Centuries later and we are still impacted by the role that hair loss plays on social life, insecurities, and mental health. Focus on Female Hair Loss

NIOXIN, the world’s number one brand for thinning hair, takes a closer look during Hairloss Awareness Month at how hair loss affects women. Despite millions of people believing that hair loss is something that ‘only happens to men’, more than 4 in 10 women have actually suffered from it. By surveying and interviewing a group of 2,000 women over the age of 18, NIOXIN was able to find out what women really thought and felt about hair loss.

As it turns out, female hair loss is much more prevalent than one may have originally thought; with 31% claiming to have experienced ‘mild’ hair thinning and nearly 1 in 10 having lost whole clumps of hair in one go or noticing bald spots. However, it wasn’t only the physical effects of hair loss that rendered insightful results; with 79% of women admitting that their locks are a huge part of who they are, it was hardly surprising more than one in 10 sufferers had sought professional help due to the impact it had on their mental health.

The Stigma and Emotional Effects of Female Hair Loss Hair loss affects the way some women live their day-to-day lives; with 14% having refused to look in mirrors, 12% having edited pictures before posting on social media and 7% even cancelling dates, all due to their physical appearance of hair loss.

The study also found that 72% of all women believe that there is a stigma around hair loss in females. As a result, 59% would hide the condition from strangers, work colleagues and even their own friends and family.

This means many women are suffering in silence, even though 38% acknowledged that thinning hair would impact their mental health, and 29% going as far as to say it would likely leave them feeling depressed. These statistics highlight that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of opening up a conversation and breaking down the stigma that currently surrounds female hair loss.

The Root of Female Hair Loss Even though female hair loss may usually be associated with women of an older age, the study found that of the women who had suffered hair loss, they first spotted signs of the condition at an average age of 34 years old, but nearly one in 10 (11%) noticed it as young as 18. In terms of the causes of female hair loss, 45% put it down to general stress and more than 1 in 10 (12%) believe it was a result of having Covid-19. Others blamed their thinning hair on pregnancy (19%), a poor diet (20%) or a separate health issue (25%).

Nioxin Can Help Women Deal With Hair Loss Though some of these statistics may sound disheartening, hair loss is a problem that can be managed through the help of the right products and a healthy diet. Most people should be able to keep their hair loss under control or even prevent it from happening in the future.

Mark Blake, Nioxin trichologist: “The key piece of advice I can offer is not to ignore thinning hair or hair loss, because the longer you leave the problem the less likely you are to find a solution. Acting quickly in seeking advice is essential, particularly in severe cases, it is the first 12 months that are the most crucial. Nioxin products offer genuinely incredible solutions for so many people suffering from thinning hair. It’s a great place to start.”

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