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Goldwell Colorance - Color For Everyone. Every Stylist. Every Client. Every Service.

A Color That Repairs?

It’s True.


Luminous blonde results that last 41% longer*. Superior shine and maximum performance in just 10 minutes. Color toning doesn’t get any better or faster than this. Now available in Clear and 15 beautiful shades of blonde.

* Compared to one of the leading competitors.

Perfect For Every Stylist. From Newcomer to Master. Colorance is easy to use, easy to apply and, most importantly, easy to understand.

Perfect For Every Client. The Fearless, the Fashionable and the First-timer. Colorance works beautifully on all hair types and textures and delivers outstanding shine.

Perfect For Every Color Service * Colorance delivers incredible results every time. And leaves hair feeling and looking its best.

* Based on a thorough consultation and appropriate hair condition.


Mix It Up - Easy to formulate. Easy to mix. Easy to apply. Colorance is just about the most simple-to-use demi-permanent color there is. For every stylist – at any level.

Something For Everyone - From coarse to fine, straight to wavy to curly – every hair texture can have the incredible color and amazing shine that Colorance delivers –while the hair feeling is healthier than ever.

One For All - Gloss for amazing shine. Tone dimensional lightening. Blend away grey for a natural look. Boost and brighten any shade.

Colorance does it all.

Rich Shiny Color. Amazingly Healthy Hair Feel.

Rich, beautiful color now comes with up to 3 times more shine.

Unlike any other color, Colorance gives even damaged hair up to 5-times-better combability. See and feel the difference, with maximum shine. And don’t worry about fading – it will last for up to 25 washes.

Incredible Colors and Amazing Shine Due to High-Performance Technologies

A Color That Repairs? It’s True.

Goldwell continues to deliver innovation by perfectly coloring and repairing hair in one step. With the exclusive IntraLipid Technology, Colorance has the power to repair the hair’s structure by regenerating up to 70% of the hair’s lost lipids, while the pH-balanced formula provides up to 35% more gentleness*.

* When Topchic is color-balanced with Colorance. Compared to balancing the color with alkaline permanent hair color

Demi to the Max

With Colorance, Goldwell offers a full portfolio that gives you everything you need to create shiny, healthy-looking and vibrant color for everyone.

Pick Your Service Option that Best Fits Your Clients’ Needs:

• Ammonia-free formula with repairing effect

• pH-balanced and IntraLipid Technology

• Up to 3 times more shine on bleached hair

• Up to 5 times better combability even on damaged hair

• Lasts for up to 25 washes


Shine Infusing Demi-Permanent Cream Hair Color Without Ammonia for Versatile Services.

• 76 incredible shades

• Up to 50% blending

• Unlimited service options

• Enhance natural color, tone and refine color, create expressive fashion shades, refresh existing color bases

Next-Level Blondes

Colorance Gloss Tones

Shine Infusing Demi-Permanent Liquid Hair Color Without Ammonia in Just 10 Minutes

• 16 tones for luminous blonde results

• Up to 50% blending

• Achieve best counteracting performance in just 10 min. – with fashionable color directions

Colorance Cover Plus

Shine Infusing Demi-Permanent Cream Hair Color Without Ammonia with Additional Grey Coverage.

• 11 different shades

• 75% grey blending

• Specialist product that naturally blends grey hair

• Restore a natural look in over-highlighted hair by creating darker reflections

One Color. So Many Services.

Unbelievable but true: one demi-permanent color can be used in almost every hair color service. Total versatility opens up endless possibilities for your service menu:

• Add High-Gloss Shine. Add beautiful shine for all hair textures with Colorance Clear, or mix with any shade of Colorance.

• Soothe The Damage. Colorance provides the gentlest processing1 during color correction services and leaves the hair feeling incredibly healthy and repaired.

• Elumenate It. Just a few drops of @Pure Pigments in your formulas will create whole new layers of shine and color, so you can enrich the tone even more, create delicate pastels or cool down warmth.

• Tone & Refine. The perfect finish to every lightening service. Tone and refine with the entire shade portfolio.

• Or try the new GLOSS TONES for express toning in only 10 minutes!

Colorance does it all.


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