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Milk_shake®: Hair Cocktails & Whipped Cream

Milk_shake® - Your Hair Cocktail - Unleash Your Creativity and Play With Colour

The exclusive range of services for beautiful, delicious hair, with a shiny and natural result.

Direct Colour Range: Semi-Permanent Direct Colour

milk_shake® CONDITIONING DIRECT COLOUR is an innovative and delicate direct cosmetic colour created to carry out toning services without the commitment of permanent colour and with excellent results.

Expand your Services so Easily with milk_shake® Direct Colour

 Quick Corrections of unwanted tones

 Opens Clients to hair colour without commitment

 Adds Shine to any hair type

 Allows the hairdresser to enhance and solve any technical situation

 Tone And Illuminate natural or colour-treated hair

 Revive intensify, correct or recuperate colour making it intense and radiant

 Tone after lightening, partial lightening or permanent colouring

 Re-Pigment and Darken from very light levels

 Enhance Colour Contrasts with intense and radiant tones, for a trendy result

 Temporary Coverage for those first greys

Your Market:

 Damaged hair

 Requests for non-permanent colouring

 Quick corrections

 Multi-colour services

3 Actions:




Acts on the outer part of the hair and colours the hair due to its affinity with the cuticle.

 3-6 washes

 No ammonia

 Doesn’t lighten hair

 Covers and tones


 The milk proteins in the formula make the hair shine with beauty and vitality

 Enriched with argan oil and shea butter to restructure the hair and make colour last for longer.

 The exclusive ingredient Integrity 41® (Heliantus annuus) protects colour from free radicals and the oxidising effects from external aggressors, maintaining the hair’s colour for longer, making it more stable and brilliant.


19 Fashion Shades for Versatility and Creativity

The duration of colour depends:

 The structure and porosity of the hair

 The type of specific products used for cleansing and conditioning

 The exposure to substances that fade hair colour (e.g. sea water or chlorine)

From the tests carried out during experiments with the product, the colour lasts a minimum of 8-10 washes, using specific products.

1 Neutral Shade

 The special Clear shade, which is neutral, is the only pigment-free formula with the same base formula

 It is advised to propose this shade pure as a long-lasting shine-enhancing treatment, to give hair body, shine and vigour

 It is recommended to mix with other shades to reduce their intensity


Every COCKTAIL is made using our best seller WHIPPED CREAM with DIRECT COLOUR and ARGAN OIL for deep, long-lasting and beautiful results!

Direct Colour Cocktail

 Toning and conditioning treatment, for excellent tones and results without commitment.

Direct Shine Cocktail

 shine-enhancing and conditioning treatment without pigments, for a mirror-effect on the hair

Argan Cocktail

 Leave-in shine-enhancing and deep nourishing treatment with organic argan oil.

Every COCKTAIL is made using our best seller WHIPPED CREAM with DIRECT COLOUR and ARGAN OIL for deep, long-lasting and beautiful results!

Not just restyling but Colour Innovation!

 to increase sales

 to reach more clients

 to increase requests for the service

 to increase business in the salon


Our milk_shake® colour philosophy gives authentic results to guarantee beautiful hair colour and shine over time.

Contact milk_shake® today for more info on incredible options that milk_shake® can give your salon to make your colour services the backbone of your business!

Contact milk_shake on Head Office: 021 552 2369


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