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Style Inspiration: Exhale by Kristie Kesic and Elle Broadhurst, Australia

In a modern world of dreams and demands, thousands of thoughts race through our minds each day.

Perceived pressures toy with our peace; opposing emotions of confidence and self-doubt are like whiplash.

We must learn to navigate the electric buzz of our racing minds.

Our world is more fast-paced than ever; technology, news and societal objectives constantly evolving and advancing.

We feel the need to always be pushing forward, impatiently waiting for the next thing.

It’s no wonder we find it so hard to switch off our minds.

Our industry and our clients expect us to constantly be ‘on’, radiating energy for others to feed from.


It is okay to stop. To breathe. To exhale.

Colour breathing is a simple stress reducing activity that may be quickly learned. In short, it involves mentally picturing or meditating on a color that represents how you want to feel, or a stressor you need to release from your life.

As you inhale, you imagine this colour entering your body, permeating your entire being.

As you exhale, the colour leaves your body, taking with it any negativity, stressors and pressures in their entirety.

This concept and practice became my inspiration for Exhale.

Life begins with an inhale and ends with an exhale.” Jeppe Hein.

Awareness of breath enables you to balance both body and mind. Furthermore, physically depicting breath as a relaxing art process can slow down the mind.

The bottom, representing a release of breath. #breathwithmeandtheworld

Colour has long been studied and proven to have real emotive effects on people. Dull, lifeless shades can suppress imagination and diminish positivity. But surrounding oneself with light, and a spectrum of bright colours can shift mood. Colour can ignite pleasure and even encourage confidence. Being around colour can make you feel happier in mind and health.

Now it’s your turn…….

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Notice the rise and fall of your torso and the sensation of movement of air. Visualise a colour that feels good to you.

As you inhale, paint each breath as a stroke; or imagine holding a pencil, and with your eyes closed visualise drawing your breath as you breath in and out.

Feel your hand subconsciously drawing a curved continual line. Feel your body become light as your stress melts with each breath.

Inhale... Hold for 4

Exhale…. Hold for 4


Colourist: Kristie Kesic @Kristiekesic_colourist @cobellecreative

Hairstylist: Elle Broadhurst @ellebroadhurst

Photography: Georgia Wallace @georgiawallacepictorial

Makeup: Gemma Elaine @gemmaelaine

Stylist: Tamzen Holland @tamzenhollandfashionstylist


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