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KMS Launches Thermashape Straightening Conditioner & Moistrepair Hydrating Oil

Two fabulous new products from KMS allow you and your clients to get perfectly controlled, gorgeously finished looks.

Thermashape Straightening Conditioner is a customisable breakthrough conditioner that gradually straightens hair when combined with hot tools. How many of your clients will love this?

How It Works: The innovative formula with KMS TRIfinity technology deeply nourishes and smoothes the hair while protecting it from heat and humidity. Ingredients Rhodiola and Organic Water Mint are known for further increasing resistance to stress and temperatures, leaving hair revitalized and refreshed.

Moistrepair Hydrating Oil is a versatile leave-in product that seals and smoothes the hair’s surface, taming flyaways, refreshing a style, or simply giving hair a fabulous moisture boost.

How it Works: Hydrating Oil seals and smooths the hair’s surface, providing a lightweight hair feel and protection against humidity. Infused with ingredients such as Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera Extract, it delivers extremely rich nutrients that supply extra nourishment and hydration, perfect for all hair types.

If your clients love showing their style, and love having manageable, gorgeous-looking hair that is easy to style, these brilliant new products are a must-have.

Contact your KMS rep for info, or to find out more about stocking this awesome brand.

Tel: 011 312 5070

Email: kevin.tabilo@kao.com

Facebook: @KMSHairZA

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