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Invest in your Future in Barbering with Groomed Academy

By Eric Way

To start this year, I thought that I would focus on something very close to my heart – Groomed Barber Training Academy. I have had the pleasure of being in this industry for several years, and this has given me valuable insight plus my fair share of tips and tricks. Being able to impart all of the lessons that I have learned to a new group of excited barbers-in-training is one of my greatest blessings.

At Groomed Academy, we want to take your interest in the industry and turn it into an all-out adoration and a determination to be the very best. Our academy subscribes to the same elite expectations for which our salons are renowned. Rooted in decades of tradition, our academy shapes the best barbers of tomorrow and offers a variety of hands-on training courses, as well as in-house training for existing salon teams.

Working at Groomed Men & Ladies The Salon every day has given me an immeasurable level of experience, and this informs my ability to teach the courses offered at Groomed Academy.

The Barber Course for Beginners runs for nine days and gives you all the basics, plus all of the insider tips and tricks that I have accumulated over my career. This course is excellent for those wanting to start a new career as a barber or for those already in the industry that want to give themselves a bit of a refresher. One of the highlights of this course is that it helps you gain a better understanding of hair in greater detail. We will teach you about hair-growth patterns, different textures, and a range of scalp conditions and how to combat and treat them. We will focus on perfecting clipper and scissor skills while also honing the art of scalp and head massage, and there is also a masterclass in the luxury hot towel shave – a skill every barber must possess!

One of my favourite short courses on offer is the Luxury Hot Towel Cut Throat Shaving Course. I see so much value in the skills taught in this course, and any Barber worth his salt must be able to give a kick-ass, close and smooth hot towel shave. The course runs with a maximum of four students to ensure that every attendee is given the one-on-one attention and coaching needed to perfect the hot shaving skill set. Students will be taken through each stage of the classic wet shave through a series of demonstrations, and feedback will be delivered after students are given a chance to perform shaves and clipper touch-ups. The course spans two days and will take you from shaving novice to barber extraordinaire. As with most of our courses, products and equipment are provided. Models are, however, to be provided by the course attendee.

Our six-day Cutting and Fading course, which is offered for beginners as well as a three-day course version for advanced barbers, is another excellent choice to enrich your 2021. Cutting an essential skill for any barber and is critical to gaining and keeping clients. Fading is more important than ever, with most popular styles today featuring a fair amount of this surprisingly tricky skill. It is an art to get a smooth fade, and the fastest way to lose customers is by sending them home with a choppy and tiered fade attempt. Never fear! Groomed Academy is here to make sure that you become a master at fading. If you are a practising barber, we have an advanced course to familiarise yourself with the latest techniques, equipment, and tricks sweeping the industry.

Groomed Academy is your one-stop-shop for all of the grooming knowledge you need to become the barber you have always wanted to be. For more information and to browse the finer details of the courses we offer, visit www.groomedacademy.co.za. If you have any specific queries, please feel free to send an email to info@groomedacademy.co.za or give us a Whatsapp call on +27 71 352 3202.

Text: Eric Way

Photography: Groomed Academy

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