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DEPOT® Male Tools & Co Series 108 – Detoxifying & Protective Hair Cleansing Regime

For your salon’s gent clientele and the special needs of male hair.

The modern male wants more in his self-care regime. 

Washing is a ritual, an essential gesture for skin and hair care. Washing frequency is the first element to consider when choosing the shampoo best suited to your clients’ needs. The second is skin type, which requires specific attention based on its unique characteristics.

Men’s hair has a variety of different characteristics - for this reason DEPOT® has created specific formulas to meet the demands of each hair type.


The Ultimate in Male Cleansing Rituals: 

Your clients trust you to help them protect and detoxify their scalps for full, healthy hair and the confidence they want for the daily world.


DEPOT® supports your salon or barbershop in answering those needs with the 100 HAIR CLEANSING SERIES: the range for men dedicated to cleansing the scalp and hair.

Cleansing with the right shampoo is the first step to keep the scalp healthy and balanced! Specific formulas to prevent and take care of scalp disorders, with practical and versatile products that can be easily used in the shower in a daily cleansing ritual.

He wants specialised cleansing that pays attention to the finer details of his health and wellbeing, that protect and detoxify his skin and hair from the assaults and buildup of the daily life and the external environment.



NO. 108

Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo Detoxifying Shampoo with Plant-Based Charcoal.


Works deep down, counteracting the effects of pollution and salt and mineral build-up.


USE: Apply to damp hair and lather. Leave on for 2-3 minutes to allow the active ingredients to work, and then rinse. Repeat if necessary. Complete the treatment with NO. 208 DETOXIFYING SPRAY LOTION.

  • Improves the hair’s appearance

  • Reduces the risk of irritation

  • Has a purifying action 



A Complex Containing Apple, Lemon, Grape & Wheat Bran Extracts: 

The richness of this phytocomplex is capable of improving shine, all while removing limescale and salty water from the hair.


  • EUCALYPTOL: purifying and refreshing.

  • PLANT-BASED CHARCOAL: obtained from burning bamboo, it removes dead skin cells from the scalp.

  • SPIRULINA: the antioxidants contained in spirulina help protect hair from the effects of air pollution and sun exposure


DEPOT® Male Tools & Co. 

The Experts Supplying your Salon or Barbershop with the Retail Ranges that your Modern Gent Clientele Desires

Take Note Trading are distributors of DEPOT and Milk_shake in SA

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