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THREESIXFIVE Hair and Beauty Information Hub 3rd Edition

Welcome to the THIRD edition of THREESIXFIVE Information Blog.Thanks to those that have already asked to be recipients of our business blogs. If you find the articles you read interesting and even helpful in the day to day understanding of your business, please feel free to share our contact details with anyone you know might benefit from the service we offer.


When you enter a lease agreement there is an expectation from both the tenant and the landlord which was deemed fair and achievable at the time of signing the lease.

The landlord is fairly secure knowing you are locked in for the next 1-3 years while you, the tenant must run your business professionally and profitably in order to fulfil your obligations.

HOWEVER, in the real world business is a day-to-day slog to manage all your resources - clients, staff, stock, cashflow, marketing, expenses to name just a few. But then, some might say, you should have realised the business skills required BEFORE you opened your business.

But nobody saw Covid coming, the result of which caught, even the most skilled business people, across virtually every sector of commerce, back-footed and struggling to recover. But now back to your lease agreement!

THIS is where it gets interesting!

Over the years the value of your business grows exponentially the more regular, repeat clients you have coming to you. Once 80% of your clients are either regular or referrals, you are no longer relying on the people coming in to the centre. You are technically a destination business. Landlords either don’t know this or don’t want to admit that it’s true because, all of a sudden, you are the reason your clients come to the centre and not the other way round.

Now approach your landlord, either by email or request a meeting and present the following scenario:

  1. My business is doing well however with less and less new business coming in to the salon I am struggling to generate enough turnover to cover the increasing costs in running my business.

  2. Our business has a unique business model as our costs for qualified staff exceeds 50% of our turnover.

  3. We have audited our business and find that 85% of our clients are either regular or new referrals that would continue to support us even if we were not in the centre.

  4. I believe our regular, repeat business provides a spin-off for our fellow tenants who might not benefit from that business if we re-locate.

  5. We believe we have benefitted from being situated in the centre, at the same time, the centre has benefitted from us being a stable tenant in the time we have been here.

This approach is more successful if you are in good standing with your landlord i.e. not horribly in arrears, a late payer or generally a problematic tenant. Make sure you have the facts to support your negotiation.


Having said that, it is amazing how many businesses in the service industry have no idea who their top clients are! How many new clients they get, how many they lose or even their birthday!


  1. Capture each client’s personal information—first name, last name, cell number, email address, occupation, personal preferences as well as a detailed history of their every visit to the salon.

  2. In terms of the POPI Act, you have to keep this information secure.

  3. You also need to get each client’s permission to send information via SMS or email.

  4. Once you do have their permission, try to communicate on a regular basis: SMS confirmation reminder before every appointment, send an SMS message on their birthday or special events in their lives and keep them informed about events and promotions happening in your business.


It is impossible to over-emphasise the power of Positive Thinking play in the success of everything you experience in your life, especially in business.

EVERY successful person has a mentor, whether a friend, colleague or a role-model that changed the way they think AND changed their lives.

Whether it is John Kehoe, author of Mindpower Into the 21st Century, Deepack Chopra - Timeless Mind, Agelesss Body, Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino or Anthony Robbins, an America author who mentored Presidents, or Anthony Whittaker, Australian salon coach, the list is endless. Of one thing they all agree:-

“When faced with a challenge, whether you think you can, or think you can’t, YOU’RE PROBABLY RIGHT.”

“The mind is an outstanding servant

but a terrible master

  1. Thoughts are real forces, powerful bursts of energy. Vibrations, if you like, looking to connect with the universal energy web that connect everything.

  2. Your mind is both a transmitter and receiver of thoughts vibrating through that universal energy web.

  3. Your thoughts, ac ons and attitudes attracts similar thoughts, ac ons and attitudes. Positive thinking attracts positive results. The law of attraction is probably the most powerful Mind Power law.

  4. The law of control gives you the power to choose to think either positive or negative thought. You can’t think both at the same me however Mind Power a negative and allows you to replace it with a positive one.

  5. During your thought process, once you recognise you are going in a negative direction you are able to reverse direction by inserting a positive thought, completely reversing direction.

  6. Finally, when you realise the connection between the way you think and events entering in to your live, you will see that the outside world is directly connected to your inside world, which is your mind.

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