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December Combo Deal!

Another fantastic Select special: The December Combo Deal!

Buy any 3 or more combos and get 50% OFF!

Combo 1: The ‘GET UP AND GO’

Botéa Detox Shampoo • Rage Extreme Gel 100ml • Ardent Hair Tonic.

Combo 1 includes products to help you get up, and get going.

Start your hair off with Botéa Detox Shampoo to protect hair and scalp from environmental stress. Style your hair with Rage Extreme Gel. With quick drying time Rage Extreme Gel will ensure extra-strong, long lasting hold. Boost your hair with Ardent Hair Tonic to ensure health, body, and lustre for hair while keeping your scalp dandruff free and reducing hair loss.

Combo 1 – R 218,00

Combo 2: The ‘WASH AND STYLE’

Kimisa Cleansing Shampoo • Rage Texture Gum.

Combo 2 is a daily wash and style duo.

Freshen up your hair with Kimisa Cleansing Shampoo to remove dulling films and heavy coatings. Add some style to your hair with Rage Texture Gum, this matt clay provides body and volume to hair while remaining pliable.

Combo 2 – R 267,00


Rage Extra shine • Botéa Color Protect Shampoo • Botéa Color Protect Conditioner.

Combo 3 is ideal for bringing out the shine and colour in your hair.

Botéa Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner is ideal for tinted or chemically treated hair and ensures that the moisture balance remains stable. Botéa Color Protect also contains a pigment fixating agent that seals the colour in the hair shaft. Add shine to hair with Rage Extra shine wax spray with flexible hold, letting hair shine without a sticky residue.

Combo 3 – R 448,00

Combo 4: The ‘HEALTHY HAIR’

Kimisa Remoisturising Shampoo • Kimisa Detangling Spray • Botéa Repair and Moisture Mask.

Combo 4 is ideal for health and vitality in hair.

Remoisturise dry or damaged hair with Kimisa Remoisturising Shampoo. The Collagen enriched formula promotes body, manageability, and brilliant shine. Kimisa Detangling Spray Leaves hair tangle-free without weighing it down and has the added benefit of an anti-static formula. Botéa Repair and Moisture Mask is an intensive treatment for dry, damaged, and porous hair types. It is ideal for restoring hair integrity, nourishing the hair shaft, and adding moisture to the hair.

Combo 4 – R 361,00

Buy any 3 or more combos and get 50% OFF!

Combo prices are:

Combo 1 – R 218,00

Combo 2 – R 267,00

Combo 3 – R 448,00

Combo 4 – R 361,00

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