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Modern Hair & Beauty - Passionate about Partnership and Supporting our Salons Online in 2021

Salon owners, are you a current client in the process of deciding to become a preferred salon partner? Or are you looking for a new supplier with whom to partner?

We would like to share with you some of the reasons why you should consider becoming a Modern Hair & Beauty Partnership Salon in 2021.

There are many benefits to having Modern Hair & Beauty partnership status besides that of preferential pricing and being the first to receive many new product innovations.

At Modern Hair & Beauty we understand that we can only be successful when our supporting salons are successful, which is why we offer a broad and accessible education programme, and a variety of customer support programmes, which are aimed at growing your salon’s business.

The current health pandemic has had a significant impact on our industry and will remain part of our reality for an indeterminate amount of time. It has highlighted the need for being active online. In this regard we would like to highlight 5 IMPORTANT reasons why you should sign up to become a partnership salon:

1. Driving new clients through your doors

After many months of lockdown and a wavering economy, this is one of the most important things we can do for our clients. We put great effort into driving NEW business through your doors and we do this in two ways:

The first is to list our partnership salons on the Salon Near Me salon locator. This means that new clients can find your salon when they use the locator function on our Modern Hair & Beauty website.

The second is that we run continuous promotions that are linked to the Salon Near Me locator that encourage new clients to take up one of our offers and find a salon closest to them. This means that clients who have not booked at your salon, have an opportunity to do so with a voucher for a colour service or treatment.

Salon Near Me is promoted across the 11 Modern Hair & Beauty social media platforms to give our Partnership Salons maximum coverage.

Here’s how it works

Partnership salon data is updated monthly and requires certain minimum criteria for inclusion.

· Searching salon near me will list Wella and Kadus Colour Partnership Salons in the area.

· Searching promotion near me will list Partnership Salons taking part in the promotion requested.

2. Adapted education during the Covid-19 health pandemic

We can never overstate the importance of continuous education and connecting with your industry peers. Therefore, we’ve created interim education sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic which allows you to interact with our educators and other stylists in a safe, socially distanced manner.

Implementing online education has allowed Modern Hair & Beauty to be nimble and therefore we can move between different education programmes should we face any subsequent closures. It also allows us to offer our clients a wider variety of education options in the future.

Current interim education is shared on our social media channels and via WhatsApp:

Dedicated social media lives

Live on Facebook and Instagram on Mondays at 7pm. We focus on new product launches and introduce guest artists.

Friday quiz

On our Modern Hair Instagram page mhb_sa on Fridays at 10am. Education can be fun! Test your hairdressing knowledge and get rewarded for it.

In-salon training

In salon training that can be personalised to your stylist and salon needs. On demand theory and practical Zoom sessions.

Online consultations

Online education assistance and sales support for all Modern Hair & Beauty brands.

Remember to follow our main Modern Hair & Beauty Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date with education happenings.

3. Exclusive in-salon promotions

In-salon promotions are created with one objective: to drive new clients through your doors. These promotions are ONLY available to Partnership Salons and details are available on the promotions page of the Partnership Salon Portal.

To take part, all it takes is one click of the opt-in button, along with ensuring that you have the correct products in stock, and you’re in! Once you’ve opted in, we will provide you with promotional images and hyperlinks to use on your salon’s social media channels.

4. Social Media and online communication

It is vital for businesses to market themselves online via social media platforms. The key to successful online marketing is to offer consistently good content, and that is not easy to achieve! It requires resources, planning, and skills not always available to salon owners.

We produce strategic content across our brands specifically for Facebook and Instagram. To assist you in your online marketing, Partnership Salons have access to marketing tools such as images, content, and videos. Your Sales Representative will provide you with login and password details once you become a Modern Hair & Beauty Partnership Salon.

5. Modern Hair & Beauty online sales

We promote our online shop extensively across the digital spectrum to drive shoppers directly to the shop in just one click. Our online shop sells all retail products in the Modern Hair & Beauty portfolio.

The most important part of this to note is that our Partnership Salons share in the profit of sales attributed to the salon – at no cost to the salon! We market, maintain, and update the website at our own expense.

How it works

• At checkout, the shopper has the option to link the sale to your salon, or to a stylist in your salon. This link will remain active until the shopper changes it.

• Stylists linked to a purchase earn 8% commission. Link your stylists online and encourage them to earn more for themselves and for your salon.

• Partner Salons earn 70% of the remaining profit after the courier fee deduction.

• Unattributed sales earn 30% commission shared equally among all Partnership Salons. This amount is credited monthly to your account.

Ready to become a Partnership Salon now?

Give your Sales Representative a call, our telesales office on 0860 104 109, or if you’re a NEW client fill in the application on our website.

About Modern Hair & Beauty

Modern Hair & Beauty – previously Wella South Africa, and then Modern Hair – was established in 1950 as a distributor of professional hair products to the hairdressing industry in Southern Africa. In 2015, the company was renamed and expanded to incorporate professional skincare products into an already impressive stable of brands.

As the licenced distributor of Coty-owned products in Southern Africa, much-loved brands such as Wella Professionals, Nioxin, System Professional, Sebastian Professional, SEB MAN, and Kadus Professional can be found in salons' easily.

Other brands in our portfolio include internationally renowned styling irons by Cloud Nine, popular Brazilian hair treatment Sweet Hair Professional, and our most recent addition, Reuzel – Holland's finest pomades and barbering products. We also produce our own affordable in-salon care range called Swish.

As a company, we continuously strive to offer the best possible support and care to all our customers through dedicated and trained sales representatives, timeous delivery of orders, targeted marketing and promotional support, and regular in-depth and up-to-date seminars and education. Training centres are situated in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

But it's the fostering of great customer relationships, many of them decades-long, which runs deep, passing from one generation to the next. It's this legacy, as well as our extraordinary, passionate and dedicated team, that services over 2 000 salons within South Africa and our international partner salons in Mauritius and Angola too.



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