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Business Blog 3 July 2023: Training and Education

We are a skills-based industry.

Training and education are the best ways to demonstrate an 'investment in people' philosophy in your salon. Not only do they develop the skills to satisfy a growing client base, improving the service levels in the salon virtually guarantees your client database will keep growing and your salon will experience lower staff turnover.

There are three key areas to focus training - mind skills, people skills and technical skills.

Mind skills

These include attitude and with the right mental attitude that anything and everything is achievable. Attitude is a choice we make and by making the wrong choice, often leads to disappointment and failure. On the other hand, making the right choices often produces amazing results.

The key to attitude is gratitude. If you start each grateful for your blessings - you woke up this morning, you have a job, and you are surrounded by people that love, respect and admire you. Why would that not lead to greater success?

People skills

Your ability to communicate with your clients, to be able to tell your story and to listen to theirs in terms of their problems, needs and desires. People don't care how much you know until they can trust you to hear them and know how much you care.

What better environment for you to market your knowledge, experience, and expertise in pursuit of a satisfied client. The law of attraction works better with the right mental attitude and good people skills.

Technical skills

All professionals need to hone their skills whether it is doctors, lawyers, airline pilots, stylists, or beauty therapists. By not updating your skills you run the risk of becoming redundant. After five years you can become someone who either has one year's experience repeated five times or someone with five years’ experience - your choice.

After all, you are only as good as your last haircut.

Is training and education a good investment? If you're not sure, consider the cost of ignorance.

- Terry Miles, MD of MySalon Software


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