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  • Join the Team at C&C Blonde Specialist in Cape Town!

    Are you a talented stylist with a passion for hair and a flair for creativity? We're on the lookout for a new team member as we growing rapidly. Join us at our vibrant salon located in Durbanville.  Requirements: Must have a qualification Must have at least 3 years experience Must be able to work in a team Must be able to work on weekends Must be able to work with clients and build relationships Must be able to do Balayage , Shadow work, Blonding and Micro lighting.  If you're ready to take your career to new heights and be a part of our dynamic team, we want to hear from you!  Send your resume to  and let's create beautiful hair together.  C & C Blonde Specialist De Ville Centre Wellington road Durbanville Contact us on: (079) 950-6465 (whatsapp or call) E-mail: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Google: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Reach the industry on our dedicated JOBS page! If you're looking to advertise any available positions for stylists, nail technicians, beauty therapists, rent-a-chairs and more, then drop an email to or so we can help you fill that position.

  • Milk_Shake® Leave-In Conditioner Spray: The Perfect Solution for Dry Winter Hair

    As the winter months approach, many people experience the effects of dry, brittle hair caused by cold weather and indoor heating. To combat this seasonal challenge,  milk_shake ® hair care is excited to highlight the benefits of our  milk_shake® Leave-In Conditioner Spray , the ultimate solution for keeping hair healthy, hydrated, and vibrant all winter long. Nourish and Protect Your Clients’ Crowning Glory milk_shake®’s Leave-In Conditioner Spray  is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients designed to nourish and protect hair from the harsh winter elements. Enriched with milk proteins, fruit extracts, and  Integrity 41®— a patented ingredient derived from sunflower seed extract—this leave-in conditioner offers unparalleled moisture and protection. All the Perks Needed! Intense Hydration:  The milk proteins and fruit extracts provide deep, long-lasting hydration, preventing dryness and brittleness.   Enhanced Shine:  Integrity 41® helps maintain colour vibrancy and enhances hair's natural shine, making it look healthy and radiant.   Easy to Use:  Simply spray on damp hair after washing, comb through, and style as usual. No rinsing required!   Weightless Formula:  Lightweight and non-greasy, it won't weigh hair down, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.   Milk_Shake Leave-In Conditioner Spray: Essential for Winter Hair Care:   Combat Dryness:  Winter air and indoor heating can strip hair of its natural moisture. The  milk_shake® Leave-In Conditioner Spray  replenishes lost moisture, keeping hair hydrated and healthy.   Prevent Damage:  Cold weather can make hair more susceptible to breakage. This leave-in conditioner strengthens and protects hair, reducing the risk of damage.   Maintain Vibrancy:  Winter can dull hair's natural colour. The  Integrity 41®  in our formula helps maintain colour vibrancy, ensuring your hair looks lively and fresh.   Convenient and Quick:  With no need to rinse out, this spray is perfect for your clientele’s busy lifestyles, providing an easy way to keep hair in top condition without extra effort. Your Salon’s Retail Friend Include the fabulous experience of  milk_shake® Leave-In Conditioner Spray  in your salon’s retail offerings and help your clients keep their hair looking its best, even during the harshest winter months.  Distributed in South Africa by  Take Note Trading 188cc  and available at selected professional salons. Contact milk_shake® on: Email :  or   | Facebook   | Twitter   | Instagram

  • DEPOT®: Introducing NO. 108 Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo - The Ultimate Solution for Pollution-Free Hair

    DEPOT® The Male Tools & Co.  is  thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation in hair care for your male clients:  NO. 108 Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo. This advanced detoxifying shampoo is formulated with plant-based charcoal, designed to combat the damaging effects of pollution, salt, and mineral build-up.    Add the Deep-Cleansing Power of Plant-Based Charcoal to your Salon’s Retail NO. 108 Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo  harnesses the power of plant-based charcoal, known for its exceptional ability to draw out impurities and toxins from the hair and scalp. This unique ingredient works deep down, ensuring your clients’ hair is thoroughly cleansed and revitalized.   Essential Benefits: Deep Cleansing : Effectively removes pollutants and mineral build-up. Revitalizing:  Restores hair's natural shine and vitality. Safe for Daily Use : Gentle on the scalp and suitable for all hair types. NO. 108 DETOXIFYING CHARCOAL SHAMPOO Detoxifying Shampoo with Plant-Based Charcoal,  with ingredients that allow it to work deep down, counteracting the effects of pollution and salt and mineral build-up. Improves the hair’s appearance Reduces the risk of irritation Has a purifying action   How to Use For optimal results, apply  NO. 108 Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo  to damp hair and lather. Leave shampoo on for 2-3 minutes to allow the active ingredients to penetrate and work effectively.  Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.  For a complete detoxifying treatment, follow with  NO. 208 Detoxifying Spray Lotion . ACTIVE INGREDIENTS A Complex Containing Apple, Lemon, Grape And Wheat Bran Extracts : The richness of this phytocomplex is capable of improving shine, removing limescale and salty water from the hair.   Eucalyptol : purifying and refreshing. Plant-Based Charcoal:  obtained from burning bamboo, it removes dead skin cells from the scalp. Spirulina:  the antioxidants contained in spirulina help protect hair from the effects of air pollution and sun exposure. Experience the transformative power of  NO. 108 Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo  and give your clients’ hair the fresh start it deserves.    A Retail Solution that let’s your clients say goodbye to pollution and impurities, and hello to clean, healthy, and vibrant hair! Take Note Trading are distributors of DEPOT and Milk_shake in SA Contact details: Email : or | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  • Tribute to Enzo Cammarano

    It is with heavy hearts that we pay tribute to our dear colleague and friend, Enzo. His passing leaves an indelible void in our team, but his legacy will forever resonate within our hearts.   Enzo was a warrior—a fighter who never backed down in the face of adversity. His unwavering courage during his illness was nothing short of remarkable. Even as he battled against the odds, he remained steadfast, inspiring us all with his resilience. Enzo’s fight was not just physical; it was a testament to the strength of his spirit.   Enzo’s impact on our team was immeasurable. His dedication, work ethic, and kindness touched each one of us and our members. Whether it was his insightful contributions to our organisation and its objectives, representing and assisting our members, or his willingness to lend a helping hand, Enzo embodied the true spirit of teamwork. His positive energy lifted our spirits, and his kind nature and humanity inspired us.    As we mourn his loss, let us remember Enzo—the way he lit up the room with his smile, the camaraderie we shared during engagements, and the countless moments that made our workdays brighter. Enzo’s legacy lives on in the bonds we formed, the challenges we overcame together, and the memories etched in our hearts.   Enzo, you were more than a colleague; you were family. Your absence leaves an ache, but we find solace in knowing that you fought bravely until the very end. We honour your memory by continuing the work you loved, supporting one another, and cherishing the moments we had with you.   May you rest in peace, dear Enzo. Your courage, kindness, and unwavering spirit will forever inspire us.   With heartfelt condolences to his family and friends, Your EOHCB Team & Family.

  • Local Inspiration from Charmaine Groenewald at Rootz Hair Studio

    Charmaine gives us a quick behind the scenes showing us that winter styles don't have to be dull Click the image below to see the Instagram post. Stylist: Charmaine Groenewald Products: Schwarzkopf Professional, ghd South Africa, Framar SA, Authentic Beauty Concept Salon: Rootz Hair Studio Follow Charmaine on Instagram @stelliesrootz We'd love to feature your work! To get your styles, looks or colour formulas featured in Hairnews, send them either to or DM them directly to our Hairnews Instagram page.

  • Keune Tinta Color: Creative and Vibrant Colour This Winter

    Winter can be a challenging season for maintaining vibrant, healthy hair colour. The cold, dry air and constant transition from heated indoors to cold outdoors can wreak havoc on hair, leading to dryness, brittleness, and dullness. For salon professionals looking to keep their clients’ hair colour looking stunning all winter long, vegan-formula, Keune Tinta Color is the ultimate solution, even in the harshest winter months. Superior Colour Performance Keune Tinta Color’s high-quality pigments deliver rich, vibrant, and long-lasting colour that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, ensuring that the colour stays true and vibrant for weeks. This deep penetration enhances colour longevity and ensures uniform coverage, even on grey hair. The gentle formula also ensures that the hair’s natural moisture balance is maintained, which is crucial during the drying winter months.   For the Painters: Customisable Colour Solutions Nothing is more fulfilling than your client loving their look after you’re done. With Keune Tinta Color, there are countless different ways to create this magical moment. Thanks to gentle formulas, each colour and developer performs to perfection without compromising hair health. Silk proteins work to protect the scalp and keep hair looking and feeling great, so you can paint to your heart’s content. The vast palette of shades can be customised to suit each client’s unique style and preference. The ability to mix and match colours also allows for endless creativity, ensuring that each client leaves the salon with a personalised, unique look. Whether your clients are looking for a bold, hue or a natural, subtle tone, Keune Tinta Color has the perfect shade. Triple Colour Protection Creating beautiful colour is just the beginning. Protecting it and keeping the hair shiny and healthy comes next. Triple Colour Protection is Tinta Color’s standout feature making vibrancy and longevity possible. This innovative formula includes Silk Protein, Solamer UV Protector, and LP 300 Colour Stabiliser. Tinta Color’s coconut-derived cream keeps the scalp from staining and its luscious, creamy texture allows for easy mixing and protects hair during the colour service.   •  Silk Protein:  Sea silk is a powerful extract from red algae, rich in amino acids, and designed to act as a protective hair bandage. It restores damaged fibres, increases hydration, and provides revitalisation. Silk protein deeply nourishes and repairs the hair from within, providing a smooth, shiny finish. •  Solamer UV Protector:  This colour protection complex absorbs both UV-A and UV-B rays and protects the hair from UV damage and colour fading. •  LP 300 Colour Stabiliser : Keune Cream Developer contains LP 300, which allows the pigments to bind better into the hair structure and to protect the hair structure. This results in the colour molecules being locked in, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.   By choosing Keune Tinta Color, you’re not only providing your clients with stunning, long-lasting colour but also with the care and protection their hair needs to stay healthy and vibrant all winter long. Keune in Your Salon Keune haircare products are exclusively available in South Africa from sole distributors Modern Hair & Beauty. To place and order call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or click to contact a Keune sales representative  to learn more about Keune launch deals for your salon. KEUNE Instagram Facebook Website   MHB Instagram Facebook Website

  • Hairnews Scheduled Pause

    Striving to bring you the hottest and best news, as fast as possible, so that you can make the best decisions for your business. We will be pausing Hairnews tomorrow and returning back to to your inboxes on Monday!

  • EOHCB: Promoting Ethical Conduct in the Workplace with Learnerships

    The ethical framework within South African businesses is deeply intertwined with the nation's historical context, shaped by colonialism, Apartheid, and the transition to democracy in 1994. Since then, there has been a significant emphasis on business ethics, particularly highlighted by the King Reports on Corporate Governance. This heightened focus on ethics is crucial, especially in the context of learnership programs, for the following reasons:  Trust  and Credibility:   Ethical behaviour during learnerships fosters trust and credibility within the workplace, establishing a positive organisational culture.  Learning Environment:   Ethical conduct contributes to a supportive and inclusive learning environment, enhancing learners' sense of security, value, and motivation.  Role Modelling:   Mentors and leaders play a pivotal role in learnership programs, serving as ethical guides whose behaviour influences learners' own conduct and decision-making.  Professional Development:   Ethical practices during learnerships are essential for building a strong professional reputation, which is crucial for future career advancement.  Compliance and Legal Obligations:   Adhering to ethical standards ensures compliance with regulations, reducing the risk of legal consequences for both individuals and organisations.  Respectful Workplace Culture:   Ethical behaviour fosters a culture of respect, promoting collaboration, open communication, and overall program success.  Long-Term Success:   Upholding ethical standards is instrumental in fostering sustained success for individuals and organisations, nurturing enduring relationships, and enhancing organisational reputation.  Employee Engagement:   Ethical organisations are more likely to engage and retain employees, as individuals feel motivated and committed to contributing positively to their learnership and broader responsibilities.  In essence, ethical considerations are fundamental to the effectiveness and integrity of learnership programs, ensuring positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.  For any further information or enquiries please contact the EOHCB representative in your area by clicking HERE . EOHCB Contact Details Web: | YouTube: Facebook : | Twitter: Instagram:

  • Hair Republic Event: Empowering Salon Professionals with Business Skills Workshop by Taryn Govender from TarynG

    The Hair Republic is excited to announce its upcoming event featuring a workshop led by the esteemed Taryn Govender, focused on equipping salon professionals with essential business skills, innovative marketing strategies, and effective techniques to thrive in challenging economic conditions.   Event Details: Workshop Topic: Business Skills, Marketing, and Strategies for Success Date: Monday, July 15, 2024 Time: 10:00 to 14:00 Venue: Lost in Time, Kloof Village Mall, 33 Village Rd Tickets: R250 per person (includes a light snack and coffee) Bookings: Contact 066 306 4948 or 083 566 4471 to reserve your spot   Salon owners, stylists, and beauty professionals are invited to join us for a day of learning, networking, and growth. Taryn Govender will share invaluable insights on how to enhance client experiences, retain customers, and navigate the dynamic landscape of the beauty industry.   This event is a must-attend for those looking to elevate their skills, expand their business acumen, and stay ahead of the competition. Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable strategies that will set you on the path to salon success!   Join us at Hair Republic and unlock the keys to a thriving salon business!   About Hair Republic: Hair Republic is a premier platform that brings together industry professionals to share knowledge, foster creativity, and inspire excellence in the world of beauty and hairdressing. For more information, Follow us on social media @thehairrepublic_sa Facebook: @thehairrepublic_sa Instagram: @thehairrepublic_sa

  • Two Industry Stalwarts Spread Their Wings

    The hairdressing community mourns the loss of two beloved industry stalwarts: Hugo Minnie and Kenneth Day. Our hearts go out to their families, friends, colleagues, and clients during this difficult time. These remarkable individuals have left an indelible mark on our industry, inspiring and nurturing countless others. Their legacies will continue to shape the profession for generations to come. May we find solace in the memories of their impactful lives, both personally and professionally. Rest in eternal peace! The EOHCB Team

  • Meet MyBusiness Software: The CRM for Small to Medium Size Businesses

    You’ve probably heard of My Salon Software A powerful CRM software package for hair, beauty and medical aesthetics industries. Well let’s introduce you to My Salon’s big brother My Business Software . A Generic CRM system for small to medium size businesses. Ideal for any ‘start-ups’ and ‘one-man shows’. Cloud Based Client Data Base Management Inventory Control Point of Sale Financial Management For more information: Terry - 083 650 0925 - Sune - 083 484 2960 - Christoff - 083 302 0785 - Web:

  • LABEL.M: Volumise & Thicken Fine Hair - Boost & Strengthen your Retail

    Achieve and maintain greater volume with weightless nourishment and repair for thicker, stronger and healthier looking hair. The Answer for your Clients’ Needs: For fine and medium hair types lacking volume. This is a definitive retail product that you can showcase to your clients with naturally fine hair due to genetics or medical conditions, or those lacking hair density due to stress, excessive heat styling or over-processing. The Revitaboost Complex of Revitalising Botanicals Maca Root & Amaranth Extract:   Cleanses scalp & optimises root lift by helping follicles stay clean & unclogged Thickens & fortifies each hair fibre, plumping up the hair shaft to add volume Achieves & maintains greater volume Increases the diameter of each hair fibre Increases bounce & movement Enhances the hair’s tensile strength & elasticity. Imparts strength, thickness & shine Boosts hair hydration & nourishment Protects against free radicals Improves manageability & helps prevent damage   Overall Results: Greater volume for incredibly shiny, stronger, healthier-looking hair with body and bounce. Amaranth Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner Rich in Amaranth Extract Increases the diameter of individual fibres for fuller hair, by densifying to increase each hair fibre. Enriched with revitalising botanicals to penetrate the hair, achieving and maintiang fullness.   Exclusive  Revitaboost Technology  with Amaranth Seed Extract thickens and strengthens for healthier-looking, fuller and stronger, more elastic hair. Amaranth fine fragrance. Organic Orange Blossom Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner Revive body and bounce with our Revitaboost Technology for glossy hair that’s full of life. Organic Citrus Blend & Organic Agave Extract Maintains hair pH & restores scalp health – our exclusive Organic Citrus Blend helps revitalise, strengthen and energise hair. The Organic Agave Extract gives root lift and shine. Hair is left feeling silky-smooth with weightless volume and shine. CLEANSE No.01 Organic Orange Blossom Volumising Shampoo   CONDITION No. 02 Organic orange Blossom Volumising Conditioner   CREATE No.04 Volume Foam   Ready to Volumise & Thicken? Intensively repair and protect hair bonds from breakage with our exclusive M-Plex Bond Restore. Hydropower Bond Technologies with Coconut Water and Abyssinian Oil leave hair feeling noticeably stronger and smoother. Get yours today! Available Now Contact your South African Distributors! Phone: 021 448 8847 Email:     Website:   Facebook:   @labelmsa Instagram:   @labelmsa #labelmworld   #mylabelm   #empoweringyou About LABEL.M LABEL.M is a professional haircare collection deeply rooted in 60 years of TONI&GUY brand heritage, founded by Toni & Sacha Mascolo in 2005. The brand’s mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality in professional stylists and clients around the world. With 680 salons worldwide, TONI&GUY’s global experience and knowledge of hair types in different cultures, climates and ethnicities is unrivalled. All products are tried & tested rigorously across the global salon network for efficacy and suitability, which is how LABEL.M can deliver personalised haircare and the most beautiful healthy hair. LABEL.M is used across 7000+ salons in 64 countries, including all TONI&GUY salons. This is the 17th year that TONI&GUY has collaborated with The British Fashion Council, and it marks another important milestone in a unique and deepening partnership that drives creativity and innovation in the fashion and beauty industries. To find out more, please visit:

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