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Why GoCare? New Hair Technology for Intensive, Balanced Care

For each unique person’s hair, intensive, and systematic care is very important. Go Care’s balanced and coordinate materials are its basic composition. Hair injury does not occur in one day and therefore cannot be undone in one day either. Only by using our products chronically can the proper curative effect be obtained.

Shiny Hair Serum: Enriched with Argan Oil. It gives softness and protection to your hair. Natural silk proteins minimize hair frizz and repair split ends.

Hydrating Glazing Gel: Natural essence for modern styling with volume control, condition, and shine. Protects against UV rays.

Repair Spray: New Hair Technology Green Tea Extract Vitamin Repair Spray contains nano grade silicone molecules which repairs the porous surface of the hair shaft. Protects against UVA & UVB rays.

Keratin P.P.T: A leave-in treatment containing keratin protein. A daily treatment product, that supplies nourishment for damaged hair with constant moisturizing efficiency.

Edge Control: Water-based crystal-clear pomade is infused with ingredients such as lemon, argan oil and ginseng extracts. Versatile use to create textured look or smooth styles.

One Minute Treatment: Intensive hair care product developed for dry, weak, porous, damaged and dull hair. Advanced GoCare target nuclei protein repair technology allow hydrolysed proteins to penetrate damaged hair, nourishing and repairing the damaged parts. Its powerful treatment effect promotes self-repairing ability. Contains super micro magnesium grains which help improve hair strength and elasticity. Ceramide silk peptide known as moisturizing essence effectively seals moisture and colour pigment into the hair. Vegetal protein essence supplies nourishment for hair. Silk ppt factor makes hair silky.

Sulphate Free Shampoo: A multi-functional shampoo formulated with no parabens, sulphates and phosphates, which makes the shampoo 100% organic. Because of the high concentration of octopirox it helps to efficiently control the production of dandruff and itchy scalp.

Contact Details


Tel: 011 262 2451

Address: 17 Eastern Service Road, Tripark, Block B, Kelvin, Sandton

Cape Town Kenilworth:

Tel: 021 657 5778

Address: 24 Warrington Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town

Cape Town Bellville:

Tel: 021 945 2566

Address: 3 Aylesbury Road, Bellville, Cape Town


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