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The Good Salon Guide South Africa: Power Your Salon to Better Visibility

How can you make your salon more visible and searchable?

How can you appeal to clients in your area?

How can you reach clients seeking the products and services you offer?

Marketing your Salon just got Easier with The Good Salon Guide – South Africa

The Good Salon Guide South Africa is an online resource for South African salons allowing clients to search and find your salon and the specific service you can provide, or a product stockist they are seeking. Now they can see pictures and videos of your work and your salon, learn about your specials, and contact you so easily to book!

This fabulous new initiative is a brand builder for all South African salons, making you, your services and your expertise, more visible to clients seeking just the right stylist and salon services.

The Good Salon Guide - South Africa lists:

• your location on a handy mapping function for clients to search and click

• keyword searches for the hair services and specialties you provide in-salon

• what professional brands you use in-salon and retail for that client who needs just the right brand for themselves

• as many exciting and stunning pics of your work and your salon that you’d like to have featured

• what beauty and other boutique services you provide for busy clients who need it all!

Become part of a powerful new portal that can propel your salon to better visibility and allow people to easily see who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Your salon listing appears on the website and will also be featured on the linked Facebook and Instagram Pages - 3 social media platforms for maximum reach with minimum effort by you!

On a monthly or weekly basis, you can send us your specials and promotions and we can post them immediately to update the media platforms as stand-alone posts, for extra visibility.

As a further feature, your membership to the Good Salon Guide SA includes a subscription to Salon Product Online, which gives you the option to offer online sales to your clients through your own direct link, earning you a 20% commission on every sale.

Outsource your marketing programme to us - all maintenance, updates and changes are done for you – just message us and we’ll upload them to 3 media platforms simultaneously, with no extra effort from you.

All this for a monthly subscription of just R99!

What’s one new client worth to you?

Attract new clientele by being part of The Good Salon Guide South Africa!

Perfect for a mainstream salon, a cosy home salon or a busy on-the-go mobile stylist with no time for paperwork!

Email and she will send you an info form – your salon’s listing can be up and running on all 3 platforms within a couple of days!

Just R99 a month brings you better local visibility, more clients, and the chance to easily feature what you offer to a wider audience!

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