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The Capital Partner – Revitalise Your Salon with an easy Cash Injection

What does your salon need most to grow and make the most of the recovery from the last two stressful years? The truth is, we all need a little bit extra to help us jumpstart our business from time to time, and help increase turnover and maximise profit.

So what is your Five Year Plan? What would you really like to do if funding was easily available?

• Are you looking to capitalise with more stock or a new brand that could instantly boost profits?

• Do you need to renovate and upgrade your premises?

• Do you want to move to a location that will suit your salon and clientele better?

The Capital Partner is a finance firm specialising in supporting small businesses such as salons.

We can help you grow.

We know that a straight forward cash injection can have exponential effects on your business plans and help you achieve your dreams. A revamp alone on your salon could increase turnover by up to 30%!

We will capitalize your salon with the Business Cash Advance (BCA) you need.

Applying for a BCA is straightforward, and 80% of enterprises that approach us get approval within 5 to 7 days. We don’t interfere with your “business as usual." We let you do what you do best – create!

If your salon could benefit from a Business Cash Advance at this time, please get in touch, we would love to assist you and discuss your needs.

If your business has been trading for longer than 12 months and you have regular weekly/daily turnover of minimum R120k per month, we can become your CAPITAL PARTNER.

Talk to us:

Tel: 087 135 5028

Email: apply@thecp.co.za

Web: www.thecapitalpartner.co.za

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