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The Best of Both Worlds from Sebastian Professional Hybrids

Hybrid products are not new, for example, the questionable efficacy of a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner has existed for years but increasingly, clients need more than just a care product. They need Sebastian Professional hybrid products for care and styling.

Sebastian Professional hybrids combine both care and styling benefits to give your clients the best of both worlds where they can enjoy two benefits using only one product.

Take a look at our hand-picked selection of six Sebastian hybrid products and benefits. We’ve included stylists’ tips and reasons to love our products!

1. Dark Oil Styling Oil: body in a bottle

Hybrid benefit: Luxurious care and effortless styling

A luxurious blend of natural oils like sandalwood, cedarwood and argan replenishes the hair cuticle from the inside out and adds body and intense shine for effortless styling. DiffusX technology allows the oil to disappear into the hair leaving no residue and allowing reapplication to dry or wet hair as needed. The incredible fragrance will intoxicate you!

What’s to love? Versatile and easy to cocktail.

2. Potion 9 Leave-in Styling Conditioner the original leave-in styling

Hybrid benefit: Treatment and styling

Lightweight hold, leave-in treatment with 9 active oil botanical extracts, restores your client’s hair to its natural condition. A cocktail of protective agents adds protection and enhances manageability and shine.

Stylist’s tip: Use with diffuser for a high-defined pinned curl look.

What’s to love? Packed full of goodness like Vitamins C and E to care and protect the hair.

3. Texturizer Hair Gel: flexible spray gel

Hybrid benefits: Boosts body and creates texture

This flexible spray gel creates separation for straight hair and gives additional bounce and definition to curly hair. It has the hold of a gel with toned texture, definition and volume.

Stylist’s tip: Use on long hair to accentuate layers and texture, and on short hair to dramatise styles

What’s to love? Individual strands of hair can be toned to add body and redefine texture.

4. Volupt Spray Gel for tailor-made volume

Hybrid benefit: Heat protection and styling

Soft, supple and sensual hair with root lift technology for full-on volume. No stick, no crunch, no compromise.

Stylist’s tip: The perfect blow-dry partner for Trilliant, to add natural volume and hold to styled hair.

What’s to love? All day voluminous hair.

5. Thickefy Foam: volumising mousse for fine hair

Hybrid benefit: Heat Protection and weightless styling

For pumped up volume without the weight. This weightless styling mousse volumises and conditions your clients hair to give it a naturally thick and voluminous look. With flexible hold and long-lasting body for even the finest hair. Heat protection is an added benefit!

Stylist’s tip: Scrunch while drying for added texture and hold.

What’s to love? True weightless hold for fine hair.

6. No.Breaker: intense care for hair

Hybrid benefit: Bonding treatment and styling leave-in spray

Leave-in lotion that deeply penetrates the hair cuticle, repairing even severe damage due to styling and chemical processes by creating new bonds within the hair fibre. At the same time it provides lush volume. Guarantees up to 99% less hair breakage*

*vs low conditioning shampoo

Stylist’s tip: Use with Dark Oil Mask for ultimate shine and softness.

What’s to love? Ultimate shine and smoothness and no breakage.

To stock Sebastian Professional products in your salon, place your order with your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative or call our Telesales on 0860 104 109.

Want to stock Sebastian Professional Dark Oil? Contact Modern Hair & Beauty or your Sales Rep.



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