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System Professional Solar Care Line: Optimal Summer Protection

Who doesn’t love the great South African outdoors in the summertime? Bikinis, beaches, holidays and weekends away. System Professional Solar makes it a literally carefree and happy time for your hair clients. System Professional Solar formulas shield hair from summer's most damaging elements: harsh UV rays, pool chlorine, and salt. And it’s perfect for clients who suffer green pool hair!

During the summer hair and skin are exposed to high-intensity light and UV rays. Add to this the effects of wind and salty or chlorinated water and it’s easy to see how your client’s hair‘s structure can be damaged. Hair loses moisture, lipids are lost and the protein structure deteriorates. The result is porous hair with visible signs of colour fading and shifting, dry hair that feels brittle, a tense and irritated scalp, and hair that looks lacklustre.

LipidCode™ Complex

Lipids play a key role in the body, skin and hair. On the hair they form a protective barrier against the external environment and are essential in holding the hair structure together and preventing keratin loss. When the hair loses natural lipids from exposure to damaging elements, it becomes increasingly vulnerable, weak, dull, and rough. System Professional has created a unique LipidCode™ Complex made from lipids identical to those found naturally in the hair, that penetrate deeply into the hair to regenerate it from the core. These recalibrate the hair‘s natural lipids, binding the cuticles together. The Solar care line includes LipidCode™ Complex, plus histidine to protect the hair by removing copper and boosting protection of the fibres, Vitamin B3 amide to soothe and moisture the scalp. This translates into immediate shine that lasts, resistance to breakage, and soft-feeling hair.

The damaging effects of UV light on hair

UVA, UVB and visible radiation break down melanin, the natural pigment in hair. Similar in function in the skin, melanin acts as a natural UV filter for the hair, but in the process, it suffers damage just like exposed skin, and leads to a visible decrease in condition and colour.

Effects of chlorinated, salt, and sea water

When chlorine is added to pool water to kill germs and bacteria it also causes direct chemical reactions in the hair. This can result in colour fading on both natural and colour treated hair. Chlorine also removes protective lipids resulting in loss of shine and flexibility. Further damage from chlorine includes a chemical reaction to the hair’s natural keratin which weakens and breaks chemical bonds to cause split ends. And hair that feels rough to the touch is caused by cuticles that are raised and damaged from chlorine. Salt and seawater have a similar drying effect on the hair, drawing moisture out and leaving it dry and porous.

What causes green pool hair?

Green-tinged hair is caused by the hair’s reaction to copper in water and is most prevalent in those who have naturally blonde or bleached hair. Most people quite rightly associate green hair with swimming in a chlorinated pool. Chlorinated pools often contain copper algaecides – a compound that helps prevent the growth of algae – and this is deposited on the hair to give it that unsightly green tinge. Copper can also be found in tap water, especially if pipes are made of copper. To combat green hair, the System Professional Solar care line contains histidine to reduces the effect of copper on the hair. What a win for your blonde clients!

With System Professional Solar, active summer lifestyles have met their match. Your clients can enjoy protection against colour-fading, brassiness, breakage, and green pool hair and maintain their gorgeous looks and locks all through the South African summer!


Protects during and after summer sun exposure Contains a luxurious blend of protective oils and UV broadband filters for sun protection.


• Deeply conditions hair

• UV keratin protection for lasting smoothness

For all hair types


Summer hydration for hair and skin Gently removes waterproof sunscreen, salt, and chlorine residue from both the hair and skin. Benefits

• Leaves hair feeling light, hydrated and shiny

• Leaves skin feeling fresh

• Detangles super-tangly hair

For all hair types


30-second summer rescue cream

Instant and intensive repair and moisture for damaged hair. Benefits

• Reverses moisture and lipid loss

• Instant conditioning, detangling and repair for hair that’s been exposed to excessive sun, chlorine, and salt water

• With niacinamide, known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

Perfect for long hair

SOLAR SEALING CREAM (SOL5) Nourishing summer sun protection Nourishes hair and protects against dryness and frizz during and after sun exposure. Benefits

• Deeply conditions hair exposed UV rays, salt water, and chlorine

• Protects keratin for lasting smoothness

For all hair types


Water resistant UV protection Non-greasy, water resistant spray protects against the sun. Benefits

• Reduces the effects of damaging UV radiation

• Prevents protein damage, colour fading and loss of moisture

• Boosts resilience against breakage

Perfect for colour treated hair

Modern Hair & Beauty


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