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Summer Blonde Passion with Milkshake’s Decologic Black Light and Fantastic Blonde Maintenance Retail

Do you have a passion for creating blonde looks in your salon? Do you love using techniques and products that will give every client that head-turning result that they will adore?

From lightener to home care maintenance, milk_shake is your salon partner for perfect blondes. You’re assured that every blonde look you create in-salon will wow your clients with the tone, result, and shimmering health of the hair.

Milkshake Decologic Black Light - The Lightening Experience for the Incredible Results Your Clients are Looking For

What is milkshake Decologic Black Light?

milk_shake® decologic black light’s new highly efficient lightening solution creates much-desired cool blonde shades in hair, neutralising warm tones during the lightening phase and keeps the hair structure in excellent condition. It is suitable for all lightening techniques.

With its new technology, decologic black light lightens up to 7 levels, eliminating warm tones from the hair.

Create perfect blonde shades, leaving hair healthy and nourished, with luxurious shifting tones and shine.

Decologic Black Light is the dream of stylists, with its powerful cosmetic results that yield perfect, desirable cool blondes and tone on tone shades. This unique lightener is worth its place in your toolbox!

Dalene Walters of Bobs & Beehives Hair Culture gave an amazing workshop in 2022, sponsored by milk_shakeSA, hosting a fantastic get-together for stylists to learn and experiment, focusing on Consultation, Blending and Freehand Painting with milk_shake decologic.

Dalene shows us the creativity and artistry possible with this product! Make magic for your clients!

Milkshake’s Decologic let’s your artistry and passion shine with colour tone combinations

  • The fruit sugar complexes repair and protect the hair during lightening.

  • The combination of lightening strength, dark pigments and precious oligosaccharides create perfect blond shades, leaving hair healthy and nourished.

  • Maximise a natural healthful sunlit blond look for your clients, with techniques that are most suitable for their features and face shapes – enhancing a youthful, glowing look for them.

  • Create perfect shades, leaving hair healthy and nourished, with luxurious richly shifting tones and shine.

milk_shake® decologic black light lightens hair for the best results your clients are looking for.

Perfect Blond Homecare and Maintenance - From start to finish, Milkshake is your salon partner for perfect blondes.

Make sure your clients make the most of their gorgeous new look by using the correct homecare for luminous, radiant healthy blond hair with longevity!

Need cool toning? milk_shake® silver shine counteracts brassiness, neutralising warmth and delivering cool silver with manageability and silky softness and shine. *BESTSELLER PRODUCT RANGE!

Need damage repair? milk_shake® integrity treats damaged hair, deeply nourishing and conditioning with rich natural active ingredients that repairs and reconstructs the hair for lustrous radiance.

Need to help your clients keep their colour cool? icy blond shampoo and conditioner

The special black pigment contained within the new milk_shake® icy blond range:

  • neutralises and counteracts unwanted yellow/orange or brassy tones in blond hair

  • gives delicate ash tones to very light blond hair or platinum blond hair

  • prolongs the effects of grey or silver toners

Blonde maintenance is a pleasure with the luxurious feel and fabulous results of these products, packed with natural ingredients!

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