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Milkshake SUN&MORE: Fantastic Summer Hair and Golden Skin Made Easy

If you want a brilliant seller in your salon for the holidays, the Milkshake SUN&MORE Hair and Body ranges will meet every sun-care and haircare need during the summer season. Add extra value for your salon clients with this “sunsational” range that meets every sun-care and haircare need during the season of sunlight and beach and water!

Are your clients looking for just the right retail product from you to keep their hair looking fantastic in the summer sun?

A Complete Routine to Enjoy the Summer Season with Perfect Hair and Golden Skin

Summer hair and skin face special risks in South African summers - Whatever the destination, whether it be at the seaside, poolside or countryside, both hair and skin need special care during the summer months to combat stress factors and stay healthy and radiant.

Not only does milk_shake®’s SKIN&MORE’s fantastic collection include hair healthful shampoos, masks, lotions, treatments, but a skin-protective face and body sunscreen – a whole body-conscious selection of caring innovative sun-care products as best sellers to stock in your salon for both hair and summer skin care, with ingredients of natural origin selected to protect hair colour and radiance during the summer.

Summer Hair Risks - Sun Exposure and Deyhdration

  • Altered hair structure

  • Colour-fading

  • Oxidative stress

The Answer? Summer Skin Health, Hydration and Protection for Summer Hair in 3 steps!

  • Cleanse

  • Condition

  • Protect

milk_shake® SUN&MORE HAIR

All Over Shampoo – hair & body moisturising shampoo

A ‘two-in-one’ cleansing and soothing formula for hair and body, ideal after swimming in the sea or pool, or year-round to leave skin soft and protect hair from the lightening and dehydrating effects of the sun. PARABEN/SLS/SLES FREE

Beauty Mask - intensive nourishing hair mask

Intensive nourishing and conditioning mask for hair to be used after shampooing to soothe the damaging effects of the sun, salt, wind and chlorine. Its deep action, created through the synergy of conditioning ingredients with natural extracts, a UV filter and vitamin E, leaves hair soft, radiant and manageable. PARABEN FREE

Incredible Milk - leave in treatment for all hair types

A spray mask with 12 cosmetic benefits in a ‘sun edition’, with UV filters, to give all the necessary elements to protect hair during the summer. No rinse formula.

  • Repairs all hair types

  • Tames frizz

  • Prevents split ends

  • Protects from heat

  • Gives manageability

  • Detangles

  • Gives incredible shine

  • Gives body and volume

  • Enhances use of flat or curling irons

  • Protects and maintains colour

  • Protects from UV rays

  • Smooths the cuticle

milk_shake® SUN&MORE BODY - Help Your Clients Achieve Healthy, Soft, Golden Skin!

Add milk_shake® SUN&MORE BODY retail products to your salon and spa just in time for your clients to hit the summer sun!

Your clients deserve the best protection with milk_shake® SUN&MORE with ingredients of natural origin for visible, long-lasting results.

milk_shake® SUN&MORE BODY is the product line for beautiful skin in the sun, with ingredients of natural origin, selected for their protective, nourishing and moisturizing action. It’s a complete routine for a healthy, safe and lasting tan with a unique, soothing summer fragrance with exotic notes.

Whatever the destination, whether it be at the seaside, poolside or countryside, skin needs special care during the summer months to stay hydrated and protected. Help clients with a gradual approach to the sun is ideal to achieve an even tan and avoid skin damage.

  • prepare

  • protect

  • hydrate the skin to maintain results

milk_shake® SUN&MORE products ensure maximum protection with UVA/UVB filters and a suitable SPF.

Specific Products to Protect and Nourish Skin Healthy Skin Under the Sun

sunscreen milk - body sunscreen emulsion spf 30 / high protection

A light and soothing formula that is easy to distribute and quickly absorbed. Enriched with plant emollients and UVB/UVA photostable UV filters, it protects and nourishes the skin with its pleasant, non-greasy texture and a sweet, summery scent.

sensual lotion - after sun hydrating milk

Protects and hydrates skin with its strong soothing active ingredient with a mix of soothing vegetable extracts for a long-lasting tan. It counteracts the dehydrating effects of the sea, sun and swimming pool, improving radiance, tone and elasticity, giving skin incredible softness.

pleasure oil - emollient soft oil for body & hair

Ideal for use at the seaside or by the pool to hydrate body and hair, or to be applied after showering in order to leave skin soft, supple and hydrated. Its silky “dry oil” texture gives UVB/UVA protection and is ideal for dark skin or skin that is already tanned, with nourishing and soothing actions from vegetable oils, for safe, sun-kissed skin. PARABEN FREE. SPF 6 / low protection

refreshing water - refreshing and invigorating water for hair and body

Fragranced and invigorating water for body and hair, with a delicate and enveloping texture. Enriched with aloe vera juice, it gives immediate comfort and a pleasant refreshing sensation to the skin. No SPF

Your clients and guests need the best help you can give them not only for their hair but their healthy skin too!

Speak to your milk_shake rep now about adding Sun & More Body to your salon and spa retail offerings.

Just in time for summer fun!

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