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Styles Stellarado by Stevie English Hair, Australia

**Out of this world colour and out of this world strong female leaders**

I had a flashback to my childhood, and to the televison shows depicting the future/sci-fi. "UFO" These shows had strong powerful female characters with bold hair and usually silver outfits, and I thought I could capture that identity in collection. The Stellarado woman is the centre of the universe, leading us into the future on earth and throughout the galaxy.

I’m always inspired by the creative strong women around me.

Collection name: Stellarado

Hair colourist: Stevie English @stevieenglish from Stevie English Hair, Sydney

Hair stylist: Kobi Bokshish @kobibokshish from Intershape Hairstylists, Sydney

Photographer: David Mannah @davidmannah

Make Up Artist: Pablo Morgade @pabsartist

Stylist: Josie McManus @josie.mcmanus


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