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Styles: REvision by Chung-Yang Su, Chiseled Hair, Australia

For me this is the year of change. Moving from the salon I had been at for over 9 years and joining a new salon. Creating a new start with the new people in a new environment. Included in this comes other challenges in relation to different products, stepping away from the familiar products I had been using for over 15 years. These new barriers wrought from change have been scary. But this brings a new level of focus and engagement in an industry I am so passionate about. A re-evaluation of how I work, not just from changing to a new colour or styling product, but working with new people in a different salon, culture and environment. It’s about having a different mindset of where my career is going and where I want to be. The collection “REVision” is more about experiencing and experimenting with new products and colours working alongside new team members, building relationships in conjunction with generating different looks from an altered state of mind.

Hairdresser: Chung-Yang Su @yoshisumelbourne

Colourist: Sanja Scher @sanjascher

Photographer: Chung-Yang Su

Make up artist: Ann Stevens

Stylist: Jessica Jade @jessica_jadehunter


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