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Styles: Petrified by Ayoze Medina, Spain

The collection delves into the sensation of 2020 as a year that we have barely lived, as if we were stunned or petrified within that anomaly that has prevented us from celebrating life in each of its aspects. That same situation has led its creators to go one step further and create their first most creative collection, changing the previous style to achieve an elegant and masculine vision and managing to convey their passion for the industry. The result offers looks in which hair is the main protagonist, clearly standing out in the image by distancing itself from the petrified finish of the skin, whatever its tone, with rich and complex textures that express the power of hair.

Hair:Barberia Ayoze Medina

Hair Instagram:@barberiaayozemedina

Photography:Marcos cabrera

Photography Instagram: @masrciscabrera_fotografo

MUA:Ana Lidia Alonso

MUA Instagram:@analidiaalonsomua

Styling:Ayoze Medina

Models:Adan Gonzalez @mr.adangonzalez.g

Onan Medina @onanmedina_ocr

Diego Balmaceda. @im.diegobalmaceda

David martin. @sr.martinramirez

Products: Skullmen

Products Instagram:@skullmen_k89


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