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Bargaining Council: Pension Fund Arrears Letter

Has your salon received an arrears letter?

If your salon is in arrears with your pension fund contributions, then you would have been receiving section 13A arrear letters from the HBSI Pension Fund - Front Office signed by the Monitoring Person as appointed by the Fund and approved by the FSCA. We have a number salon owners replying to us requesting their accounts to be corrected. Therefore, the reason for this letter is to explain the process in a bit more detail.

The HBSI Pension Fund – Front Office receives the outstanding pension fund contributions information from the Bargaining Council system. Then according to this information, the section 13A arrear letters are sent to the specific employers who are in arrears.

If you do not agree with the amount that is outstanding, then you will need to contact the Bargaining Council to fix your account.

We also need to highlight that in terms of Regulation 33, certain minimum information must be provided by every employer to the fund with regards to payments of contributions in terms of section 13A.

In terms of the SECTION 13A OF THE PENSION FUND’S ACT, ACT 24 OF 1956: ARREAR CONTRIBUTIONS, if payments are not received by the 7th of the month, then arrear letters will be sent to outstanding businesses.

Please see the attached letter HERE from Kevin Wright Monitoring Person: Hairdressing Beauty and Skincare Industry Pension Fund, in which he explains the process in more detail.

For any further info please contact the Bargaining Council and we will gladly assist.


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