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Styles: Muguette Nº22 by Amparo Fernandez, Spain

La Pelu Amparo Fernández presents its new Muguette nº22 collection, a tribute to tradition from innovation. A collection that reaffirms a commitment based on the education of taking care of our hair, a solid value that has represented us since the beginning of La Pelu Amparo Fernández. N°22 represents this current year, in which handmade has become a true mantra for the fashion industry. Therefore, Muguette N°22 is an essential luxury, the new naturalness: a timeless elegance, which we hope will remain as an inspiration guide for our craftsmanship.

Hair: Amparo Fernández - La Pelu – Amparo Fernández @lapeluamparofernandez

Hair Assistant: Chuss Lojo @chusslojo and Carol Romero @carolina.romeroperez

Photography: Rebeca Saray @rebecasaray

Retouche: Rebeca Saray @rebecasaray

MUA: Melisa Vázquez @beautybarboiro

Styling: Lara Prado @lara_prado_

Design: Masavi @masavi_official

Products: Revlon Professional @revlonprofessional_es

Models: Andrea Ozores @andreaozores / Léa Gatbache: @leagatbache / Lucía Outeiral / Melisa Vázquez: @melisavazquezz


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