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Styles: Dystopia by Alvaro Torres, Spain

The collection was inspired by a fictional, post-apocalyptic future where a virus has ended up practically devastating the planet, where a totalitarian regime has triumphed. The characters are renegades in this new dystopian world, and with their styling and hairstyles, they overcome the reigning society fighting for freedom.

In "Dystopia", as in other works by Álvaro Torres, there are many cinematographic references, in this case, films like "Mad Max" or "Blade Runner". Regarding the hair, looks are inspired by punk rock aesthetics and characterized by a strongly independent and rebellious attitude. This is reflected in aggressive and noisy haircuts, but these are also full of elegance and minimalism, very structured, and with very careful finishes.

Hair: Álvaro Torres de Castro @lacarniceriabarberia

Photography: Rodrigo García López @rodrigarciaphotographer

MUA: Zoraida Ayovi Balon @ayovimakeup

Styling:Laura García Pola @lauramolapila

Video: Anel Reyes Saldanha

Models: Borja Maquieira Buceta @borjamaquieira

Ignacio Martin Franco

Jesús Collado Sanz @chuchicollado

Iyan Núñez García

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