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Style Inspiration: Oracle Pendulum by Justin Pace


Person through whom a deity speaks.

Via transcendental means, provides insight, wise counsel and prophetic predictions.


A device made of multiple weights suspended from a pivot.

Via acquired momentum, the weights swing freely.

‘Oracle’ + ‘Pendulum:’

As an oracle is a person through whom a deity speaks, they’re able to swing freely between two realms: earthly / cosmic (the collection’s collage also resembling the notion of a pendulum.)

Hair Director / Hairdresser / Colourist: Justin Pace / @pacejustin

Salon / Hair Team: Co and Pace Salons / @coandpacesalons

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole / @andrewotoolestudios

Makeup Artist: Kylie O’Toole / @kylie_otoole_make_up

Fashion Stylist: Catherine Madafferi / @catherinev_stylist


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