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Shape Shifter: Post Lockdown Trend Prediction from Thomas Hills

TH1 Hair director Thomas Hills, UK, has identified three key post-lockdown trends that will be strongly in demand in your salon. Here’s the first – Shape Shifter.

While lockdown has played havoc with our clients’ haircare regimes, it’s also helped shine a spotlight on what’s really necessary when it comes to looking after their locks. With this in mind, one of the biggest trends to emerge post lockdown, I believe, will be shorter more versatile cuts that really encourage a client’s natural texture, with minimum effort required – think effortless shape and movement with a masculine, almost cherubim appeal.

I also think clients will want to spend less time hair-drying their locks, opting for air-drying instead. Cuts like these two looks from my About a Girl (above left) and Iconic collections (right) are the perfect example of preparation and shape within the cut, allowing for the perfect fusion of form and texture. Something I predict will be a huge hit in the forthcoming months.


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