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RejuvX Sensitive Hair Care for your Clients – Retail that Cares

Stylists and salon owners are in a special position of trust with their clients for the best hair care possible. You’re the one your clients turn to with all their questions and worries about healthy hair and scalp, hair loss, and how to create and maintain the most luxuriant, manageable hair and styles.

Milk_shake® is your go-to supplier to keep your retail and salon thriving, your clients’ hair healthy and radiant, and build your reputation as a salon to trust for quality service and products.

RejuvX Sensitive Shampoo – Retail Hair Care for Healthy Hair & a Healthy Bottom-Line

What is it?

RejuvX sensitive shampoo is a specialised all-natural, aloe-based shampoo designed for people with sensitive scalps. It contains natural ingredients that work to soothe and calm the scalp, reducing irritation and inflammation. It's also free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, making it ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities to these ingredients.

  • Meticulously cleanses hair and scalp creating the best possible environment for healthy hair growth.

  • Deeply detoxifying action with maximum protection for sensitive scalps

How does RejuvX Sensitive Shampoo work?

The active ingredients in RejuvX sensitive shampoo work to hydrate and nourish the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

  • High concentrations of aloe vera and silk amino acid molecules penetrate hair structure

  • Enriched botanicals of chamomile, aloe vera, and panthenol work together to soothe and calm the scalp.

  • These ingredients also help to strengthen the hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthy and vibrant.

  • Recommended formula for those with oily, scaly, and otherwise unhealthy scalps.

  • Produces healthy scalp and shiny hair while adding volume

Who Needs RejuvX Sensitive Shampoo Retail?

  • Any of your clients with oily, sensitive, or otherwise unhealthy scalp.

  • Any client who needs help with concerns about hair loss.

  • Ethnic hair that has been subject to oil, wax and grease treatments and needs detoxifying and protection.

  • Especially indicated for seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

What are the Benefits to you, the Salon Owner, in offering RejuvX Sensitive Shampoo?

  • Attract new clients: Offering specialised hair care products like RejuvX sensitive shampoo can help to attract new clients to your salon. People with sensitive scalps are always on the lookout for products that won't irritate their skin, and by offering RejuvX, you are providing a solution!

  • Increased client satisfaction: Happy clients are repeat clients. Clients with sensitive scalps will appreciate the extra care and attention you're giving to their needs, helping build real client satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.

  • Promotes healthy hair growth: RejuvX sensitive shampoo contains ingredients that promote healthy hair growth. By using this shampoo regularly, your clients can enjoy stronger, healthier hair that looks and feels great. And that makes happy clients!

  • Build your reputation for quality: By offering specialised hair care products like RejuvX sensitive shampoo, you can build a reputation for quality in your salon. People will associate your salon with top-quality hair care products that do the job, which in turn helps attract new clients and builds your loyal customer base.

As a hair salon owner, it's essential to provide your clients with the best hair care products possible.

With RejuvX sensitive shampoo in your retail arsenal, your clients reap the benefits of healthy hair growth, manageable, luxuriant hair, and you benefit with increased client satisfaction, and a justified reputation for quality.

milk_shake® can help you enhance your retail offerings, helping you attract new clients and build a loyal customer base, with an excellent return on your investment!

Contact your milk_shake® rep to put RejuvX into your salon’s Hair Health Retail Portfolio!

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