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NEW TAT – Reuzel’s Tattoo Advanced Treatment

There was a time when tattoos were dangerous. Not so long ago, if someone had a little ink on their arm, people assumed they were planning to knock over a liquor store. Those days are gone. Tattoos have become increasingly mainstream over the years and now, you can show up to a job interview with a flaming skull on your neck and no one will think twice. Tattoos tell stories, capture memories, and are monuments to the wearer. And as the world’s reaction to tattoos has changed, REUZEL has changed how you take care of them.

Introducing REUZEL TAT

REUZEL TAT has the ingredients, the products and the system needed to keep ink fresh, healthy and bright. It saves skin and heals the planet. TAT products are made with the cleanest, friendliest, purest ingredients around. To prove it, we’re vegan and Leaping Bunny certified. So that “mom” tattoo? It might as well be referring to Mother Earth. Parabens? Nope. Sulfates? Uh-uh. Gluten? No way. Silicone? You gotta be kidding, buddy!

Make it count with the TAT DRILL

Ink is forever. Those first months with a new tattoo are golden: the colours pop, the blacks scream. Then things start to blur a bit around the edges, like a hangover just waiting to happen. TAT can slow the cycle by taking care of a healed tattoo with the TAT Drill.

The 3-step TAT DRILL to make it count.


SCRUB once a week in the shower, exfoliate with BUFF.

BUFF exfoliating wash rinses away dead and drying cells allowing colours to rise to the surface. BUFF uses Bamboo as a gentle exfoliator. As old skin cells wash down the drain, Papaya Extract and Aloe Vera go to work, soothing and conditioning fresh skin. BUFF is milder than standard off-the-shelf exfoliators, so it won’t bleach the skin tone or damage the tat.


SOAK once a day, (or night) moisturise with HYDRABALM

HYDRABALM revitalises and hydrates to brighten a healed tattoo. The balm is made with Shea Butter and Papaya which work together to condition the skin. Castor Oil creates a barrier between toxins and tat.


SEAL with VIVID GEL after moisturising

VIVID GEL creates a hydrating moisture barrier on the skin to enhance the tattoo’s colour. Unless a tattoo is properly cared for, it begins to fade the moment the needle is lifted. Quinoa, Orchid Stem Cell Extract, and Papaya Extract work together to keep the edges sharp and the colours bright enough to stop traffic.


POLISH with SHINE by day or night to make colours pop!

SHINE tattoo spray adds definition and radiance to a healed tattoo without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Like all TAT supplies, SHINE is toxin-free and paraben-free and made with organic moisturisers like Shea Butter and Papaya. Orchid Stem Cell Extract helps the skin stay supple.

Stock Reuzel TAT in your barbershop

To place an order, contact your Modern Hair and Beauty sales representative or call Telesales 0806 104 109.

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