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Nebeau’s SheCare: Treat Your Clients to a Complete Hair Repair Treatment with their Colour Service

The Shecare repair range repairs damaged, treated and limp hair, from the scalp to the ends of the hair shaft.

For Hair professionals, the range offers 4 unique benefits:

#1 - Two Fantastic Hero Products

Through two hero products, the Repair Scalp treatment and the Repair Magic spray, the treatment line addresses both scalp health and hair loss prevention, as well as restoration of the hair’s optimal keratin structure to improve its strength, brightness and volume. Both the scalp and hair shaft are treated.

#2 - Fast and Efficient - Completed within 15 minutes

To keep up with the fast pace of living, the full professional protocol can be completed within 15 minutes. This fast salon protocol will ensure quicker rotation of clients, and less time for clients sitting in the chair before getting back to the responsibilities of daily life.

#3 - New Textures & Packaging – Services a Pleasure and Environmentally Protective

The revised range brings us new textures & packaging, in line with sensory requirements and environmental needs. The new elegant, ergonomic and sensory packaging is filled with beautiful fragrances that will take the client on a sensory journey.

#4 - Combine with Color/Bleaching Same Day, Same Sitting!

The treatment line can be combined with color and/or bleaching services on the same day and in one sitting, without having to wait a few days after the technical service to give the client a restorative treatment.

The professional protocol is recommended 1 time per week for a month, and includes the following steps:

• Repair Scalp Treatment

• Repair shampoo

• Repair Magic spray

• Repair mask

• Extra shine lotion

When combined with a colour or bleach service, the Repair shampoo and Extra Shine lotion may be omitted.

Include SheCare for your Retail Customers for Easy Home Protocols

For the retail customer, the treatment line offers an easy home ritual, taking no more than 10 minutes to ensure healthy, strong, hydrated hair. The whole range is 100% natural and vegan, without compromising on efficiency.

The home protocol is recommended 1 time per week for 3 months, and consist of the following steps:

• Repair Shampoo

• Repair mask

The Repair Magic spray may be added for severely damaged hair between the shampoo and the mask.

For more information on the new Shecare range, contact us:

Phone or WhatsApp: 018 468 1000


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