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Natural Texture for Curly Hair is On-Trend According to Boity South Africa

Natural texture is on-trend as many women are learning about and exploring their natural hair.

It’s no wonder that embracing natural hair and its unique textures were all the rage in 2020 and the new year will be no different. Says Boity, “While naturally textured hair is hardly a new trend, embracing natural kinks and curls is new to many as women around the world continue to look at their hair in a more positive and healthy way. Just remember to use natural, delicate products like our Royal Cleanse Shampoo and Royal Repair Conditioner to keep your locks clean and well moisturised. Change is good, and this year, it’s all about changing mindsets to embrace the beauty of natural, textured hair.”

The Boity Haircare range is just the solution for type 3 and 4 hair, with a special emphasis on wavy, coiled, kinky and mixed textured hair types. The range of natural hair therapies have been designed for your clients to manage, maintain, revitalise and style natural hair with ease, all while keeping their locks healthy and beautiful.

Halo Heritage are the leading creators of luxurious natural hair care and fine fragrances crafted for the modern African woman. Halo Heritage brings elegance and splendour to clean beauty, with an indulgent range of high-end, earth-friendly products formulated for body and hair. Carefully-nurtured for African curls, coils, and skin types, experience opulent, one-of-a-kind blends created with the highest level of care.


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