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Moulded Image Radiance Skin Peel

This is an exciting opportunity for salons to offer a valuable add-on service that is safe, fast, affordable, and offers phenomenal results and skin improvement.

Moulded Image Skin Peel is the perfect complimentary service for you to add for the clients in your chair, so that they can leave with not only gorgeous hair, but also healthier skin and a fresh, youthful look.

Our Peel is a superficial 5min express medical-grade chemical peel, removing the top layer of the epidermis, causing a permanent change in the skin by improving the skin's appearance.

Developed in South African for South African skins, it is designed for patients with acne-prone skin, scars, large pores, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

A series of peels is recommended (three peels 10-14 days apart). A once a maintenance monthly treatment thereafter will ensure the desired effect.

Composition: Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, smaller amount of Kojic acid, and a small quantity of Phenol for antimicrobial and preservative effects.

What to expect: A 2-3 minutes warm sensation, followed by a tingling sensation. A mild amount of redness and swelling may follow for a few days with minimal downtime.

Skin Preparation: Come with a clean face; otherwise make-up will be removed on-site.

Do not use within 5 days of laser hair removal, waxing or electrolysis. Avoid the use of retinoid, tretinoin, and other chemical exfoliants for 3 days prior to the peel and 5 days after the peel.

Benefits of our peel:

· Improves skin texture

· Reveals healthy, youthful, glowing, fresh skin

· Removes dead skin cells

· Increases moisture retention

· Improves skin barrier function

· Stimulates Elastin and Collagen

· Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, scars, pigmentation

· Enables better penetration of cosmetic products

· No consultation Fees

· Affordable: 1ml is R300.00 (whole face); 2ml (face, neck, décolletage, and hands) .Post-procedure recovery cream R50.00

· Convenient (apply whilst having any salon treatments.)

Keen to be a stockist of this product, and receive training in the use of this peel so that you can offer this service?

Get in touch with us now!

For more information contact:

Colette Steenkamp: +27 (82) 336 2166

Minette Mansfield: +27 (83) 458 0361

Email: steencolette@gmail.com


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