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Milkshake’s Fabulous New The Gloss Colour Demi-hybrid System

acidic pH demi colouring treatment for hair

an oil-based ammonia-free acidic pH demi colouring treatment that guarantees amazing colour tones without lightening or modifying the hair’s structure


perfect colour and healthy, shiny hair

glossy colour that reveals shine and colour tones, giving hair healthy, perfect colour.

Milk_shake the gloss colour

is not just hair colour

but is also a treatment that nourishes and conditions hair through its active ingredients, making hair more and more beautiful after each application.

Different when compared to traditional ammonia-free semi-permanent colour.

Its acidic pH makes milk_shake® the gloss colour ideal for porous or damaged hair where colour-fading tends to happen more quickly. The final effect on the hair is glossy, long-lasting colour, guaranteeing visible improvement of the hair’s structure with each application.

Within the concept® colour ranges, milk_shake® the gloss colour can be positioned between a direct colour (milk_shake® conditioning direct colour) and a semi-permanent colour (milk_shake® smoothies conditioning semi permanent colour).

Milk_shake the gloss colour

• gives colour tones without modifying the natural colour and structure of the hair

• improves the condition of porous or chemically-treated hair

• tones and corrects colour-treated or lightened hair

• hides up to 50% of greys

• lasts 15-20 washes

30 shades for any colour toning need, plus 18 mixes which are a combination of milk_shake® the gloss colour and milk_shake® illuminate pure pigment in order to customise hair colour toning, resulting in high-definition hair colour.

Specially Formulated Ingredients to Maximise Colour Retention with Incredible Hair Health

Ingredients within the colour formula and the activator:

Hyper-fermented prickly pear extract

The prickly pear is a succulent plant particularly appreciated for the nutritional and nutraceutical properties of its fruit, rich in sugars, pectins, fibres, minerals, and vitamins C and E.

Our choice turned to an extract which has a very high concentration of antioxidants obtained from fruit of Italian origin. The cutting-edge green technology of hyper-fermentation applied to the prickly pear results in an enhanced phyto-complex, with an increase of flavonoids and antioxidant strength. These bioactive substances counteract the free radicals responsible for damage to biological tissues, the cuticle protected to better resist external aggressions and preserve its integrity, giving intense and glossy colour for longer.

Prickly Pear Extract is a combination of:

1. natural - because the extraction uses hydrolytic enzymes and yeast, and water as the only solvent

2. sustainability - because we recover parts of the fruit that would otherwise be lost

3. safety - through the step-by-step transformation under standardised conditions and rigorous

quality controls at every stage of production.

Amino acid complex

An exclusive complex made with what and soy plant amino acids, restoring the natural keratin components of the hair, with essential elements for the integrity, strength and resistance of the protein chain. The hair is nourished and thus regains strength, radiance, smoothness and softness.

Organic blueberry extract

Nourishes the scalp and hair, providing precious phytonutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with precious protective, toning and emollient properties, for radiant hair that is full of life.

Specific ingredients within the colour formula

Sunflower seed oil

A natural emollient extracted from sunflower seeds through pressing, it is recognized for its nourishing and protective action and its antioxidant vitamin E content, enveloping the hair like a veil, strengthening the cuticle and restoring radiance to dry and damaged hair.

Specific ingredients within the formula of the activator

Integrity 41®

Obtained by extraction from the floury residue of sunflower seeds that remains after separating the oil. Integrity 41® is therefore a special hydro-glycolic extract rich in antioxidant polyphenols. These powerful natural substances possess extraordinary protective effects from free radicals and stress factors that threaten the hair’s integrity, colour intensity and radiance.


4 specific services to enhance the natural beauty of hair in synergy with other products from the milk_shake® range

• colour gloss

Improves the quality of the result by toning, modifying or intensifying the colour of lightened or lifted hair. After a lightening service, just choose the ideal shade according to the desired goal.

hd shine

Enhances natural or colour-treated hair by revealing its shine with a longlasting effect without the need for colour toning. The special NEUTRAL shade combined with milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system fibre sealant / step B guarantees a super-glossy effect to all hair types.

gloss and colour

Combines two technologies of different colours to optimize grey coverage and colour tones in colour-treated hair. The combination of milk_shake® smoothies conditioning semi_permanent colour and milk_shake® the gloss colour acidic pH demi colouring treatment guarantees the best result in terms of coverage.

hd colour

Intensifies colour tones in the hair, giving a customised high-definition toning effect. It is obtained by mixing milk_shake® the gloss colour with milk_shake® illuminate pure pigment, to obtain the maximum result for customised colour.

Give your clients the incredibly healthy shine and customised colour they desire – speak to your milk_shake rep today!

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