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Milkshake Decologic Black Light for Natural or Neutral Blondes

You might be wondering why Decologic Black Light has created such a storm of excitement in the industry, with its powerful cosmetic results that yield perfect, desirable cool blondes. Here are some FAQ for you to learn more about this unique lightener.

What exactly is milkshake Decologic Black Light?

It is a lightening cream with excellent lightening power, that neutralises warm tones during the lightening phase and keeps the hair structure in excellent condition. It is suitable for all lightening techniques.

How does it neutralise warm tones so effectively?

A combination of charcoal and special pigments in the formula are able to contrast the yellow-orange tones that can appear following lightening, and create a neutral final result.

Does the hair still need to be toned afterwards?

If the final goal is that of a neutral / cool blonde, no further toning step should be required.

What if you want to apply a fashion colour afterwards?

If you want to apply a fashion colour with a cool tone, this provides an ideal base for the perfect result.

Does charcoal have other benefits?

Yes. It is able to absorb polluting particles deposited from the environment, which can be potentially harmful to the skin and hair. These characteristics make the charcoal powder an excellent purifier.

Why does this lightener have such a good cosmetic effect on the hair?

In addition to all the active ingredients already present in all the lighteners of the milk_shake decologic system, organic cranberry extract, clay and silk proteins, argan oil and beeswax have also been added to the formula. These make the hair fibre more shiny and smooth and increase manageability.

What about protection during lightening?

Milkshake Decologic Black Light goes a step further! It contains a special fruit oligosaccharide sugar complex which, thanks to its chemical / organic structure, actually repairs as well as protects the hair during the lightening process.

Is it easy to apply?

Yes, you will love working with Decologic Black Light. It doesn’t drip or expand and maintains the perfect level of fluidity during application.


Do you want to discover the power of Decologic Black Light in creating your perfect cool blondes? Contact the friendly Milkshake team today to try this product in your salon!

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