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milk_shake® Moisture Products for Winter Dryness: Argan, No Frizz & Moisture Plus

Milk_shake® Perfect Retail Products for Dry, Thirsty Winter Hair

Your Clients will Need You in the Upcoming Months

Include milk_shake® moisture products in your retail’s space during the winter months & help your clients maintain their healthy, lustrous hair.

Deeply hydrated hair that is full of life, resistant and radiant.

Milk_shake® Gives your Salon 3 Full Ranges to help Your Clients:

• milk_shake® Moisture Plus

• milk_shake® Argan

• milk_shake® No Frizz

Healthy hair is one of the most important aspects of overall beauty, and it's no secret that proper hair care is key to maintaining that health. Hair salons play a vital role in helping people maintain the health of their hair. One of the most important aspects of hair care is moisture, which is why offering milk_shake® moisture hair care products in hair salons can provide numerous benefits to both customers and salon owners alike.


The New Moisture Plus - a Retail Salon Programme with Organic Papaya Extract & Hyaluronic Acid

For hydrated and visibly younger hair, milk_shake® recommends the Moisture Plus programme with original formulas and delicious fragrances. Organic papaya extract and hyaluronic acid are the two main ingredients of this range for healthier hair. From the very first application, the hair shines with lustre, thus satisfying the desire for beautiful, radiant hair.

Essential formulation:

• organic papaya extract (a fruit enriched with precious nutrients such as vitamins and anti-oxidant substances),

• Integrity 41® (an active ingredient that protects from heat and prevents colour-fading, increasing manageability and shine)

• hyaluronic acid (superhydrating ingredient) with an anti-aging action, as well as protecting hair colour.

milk_shake ® moisture plus

PROVEN EFFICIENCY Thorough tests conducted under the supervision of a Doctor specialised in dermatology

moisture plus shampoo

Moisturizing shampoo for dry hair, it gives softness and manageability to dry hair, maintaining the hair’s optimal moisture balance.

moisture plus conditioner

Moisturizing conditioner for dry hair, it gives softness and manageability to dry hair, maintaining the hair’s optimal moisture balance.

moisture plus lotion

Hydrating lotion for dry hair. A concentrated lotion that gives softness and manageability to dry hair, maintaining the hair’s optimal moisture balance. Leaves hair visibly healthy, soft and shiny.

moisture plus whipped cream

no rinse moisturizing foam for dry hair

Ideal to give softness and manageability to dry hair, maintaining the hair’s optimal moisture balance. Leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Brilliant And Silky Hair for your Clients in Just a Few Applications

milk_shake® argan is an amazing retail product range suitable for all types of hair: normal, dry, or dull lacking shine, because it strengthens and hydrates the hair. It nourishes the hair fibres and gives shine and flexibility, whilst combating split ends.

A complete range that acts in every phase:

• cleansing

• conditioning

• finishing

Argan / the beauty benefits of argan oil

• Argan oil is a natural oil obtained from the core of the seed of a tree that grows in Morocco, Argania Spinosa, the oil is extracted through a natural process of cold pressing. It is natural oil used both in the food and cosmetic fields.

• Argan oil has a high content of fatty acids with nourishing and repairing properties for skin and hair. It has a strong anti-aging action and naturally protects from sun rays.

• A wonderful natural product, which makes the hair beautiful right from the first application. A rich formulation, but at the same time delicate on skin and hair.

Argan Shampoo

• organic argan oil shampoo for all hair types

Gentle, salt and sulphate free shampoo. Gently and instantly moisturises, conditions and nourishes while counteracting frizz, leaving hair soft and shiny and maintaining the hair colour.

Argan Deep Treatment

• deep treatment for all hair types

Nourishing organic argan oil and wheat protein formula that eliminates frizz. Suitable for all hair types. Seals the cuticle leaving hair soft, shiny and more manageable while maintaining the hair colour.

Glistening Argan Oil

• argan treatment oil for all hair types

Thanks to its unique organic argan formula, it instantly conditions and nourishes hair leaving it soft, vibrant, with added volume and exceptional shine.

Massage a few drops onto palms of hands and distribute through hair, before or after styling.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


milk_shake® NO FRIZZ is specially formulated for your clients for the dry winter months

Improve your clients’ styling lives and your retail revenue!

• Protection from winter weather

• Reduced static and frizz

• Better styling results

• Improved hair health

During the winter, hair can become dry and brittle due to cold temperatures, low humidity, and exposure to indoor heating, all resulting in dryness, frizzy hair with annoying static, split ends, breakage, and real difficulty in achieving a smooth styled look.

milk_shake® No Frizz products are formulated to provide moisture and nourishment to the hair, protecting it from the harsh winter weather. Milk_shake No Frizz is the is scientifically designed to combat frizz and static, smoothing and protecting from breakage and split ends, leaving the hair nourished, strengthened, smooth and easy to style.

Better styling results: By reducing frizz and static, the hair becomes easier to style and manage, providing clients with the desired luxuriously smooth and healthy look.

No Frizz Glistening Milk

milk_shake glistening milk eliminates frizz, maintains moisture balance, and protects hair from heat while using drying and styling tools. Give your clients smooth, silky locks with Milkshake No Frizz Glistening Milk. Its nourishing formula controls frizz and flyaways, leaving hair healthy and shiny.

No Frizz Glistening Serum

This luxurious hair serum smoothens the hair cuticle for an exceptionally glossy look. Contains Date Palm extract and Abyssinian Oil for soft, manageable hair. Eliminates frizz during and after styling and protects hair from heat and styling tools.

No Frizz Glistening Spray

A divine finishing product to be sprayed lightly over hair for amazing sheen, or to give added impact it can be gently brushed with a small amount into the hair with a makeup brush! Creates lasting shine and light enough for all hair types.

Milk_shake® can Help your Retail Flourish in the Winter Months

During the month of April, be on the lookout for more information on these milk_shake moisture products and all the great benefits to your clients and you as salon owner who can so easily supply them!

Available now from your favourite milk_shake® rep!

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