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Milk_shake: Make your Curls Thrive! Steph Jansen van Vuuren’s Expert Advice

The hair revolution is finally here and I am living for it! Worldwide we are noticing the most exciting hair trend of soft, bouncy, natural curls.


Here is how to embrace, repair and love those “coily” locks!

Whether you sport a short, curly crop or long, spiral tresses – there is artistry in loving your natural curls.

I am Steph Jansen van Vuuren, your Milk_shake and Depot Educator/Technician for the Western-Cape and surrounding areas.

With a 21-year dedicated love affair with the hair industry I have found my innate identity in embracing the true integrity of hair and hair care. With Milk_shake's natural hair values I have ensured a perfect alignment of core essentials, and I am going to take your hand and guide you through your curly basics.


Help your Curls Come to Life

To understand how to keep your curls happy, soft, and bouncy, we need to look at the things that are damaging to your curl pattern:


What is a curl pattern and what damages it?

Let’s get into it. Your curl pattern describes the way your hair naturally grows and the shape of your individual hairs, which determines the shape of your curl. The more oval-shaped your hair follicle is, the curlier your hair will be.


What can damage your curl pattern?

  • Chemical treatments  - perms, relaxers or other chemical straightening & Brazilians.

  • Too much heat styling and using the wrong products for your hair.


Some signs of curl pattern damage are easy to spot. Do your curls: 

  • Lack in definition, 

  • Have straight sections 

  • Feel limp, brittle, or stringier than usual? 


Your curly hair needs love, care, and attention.

Do not stress, my curly girl, it is not all bad news. Follow these 5 exclusive tips to achieve those fabulous curls and wear that springy mane of yours with pride:

  • Mind over matter

  • Spoil them locks


  • Less is more

  • Stop traffic!



First, we must change your narrative about those curls and break those bad habits of wanting to fight against the hair’s natural desire. 

HAVE PATIENCE WITH THOSE CURLS! Love and help those curls and allow the hair to bounce back to its natural state after years of product and heat damage. Accept that this might take a while, but you will not look back after 30 days of letting go.



Having the right hair routine with the perfect combination of haircare products is like a good wine pairing. This entire journey will start with a good combination of Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatments

Do not wash your hair too often, those natural oils are important for hydration and stay on top of those much-needed trims. Make sure to use only a reliable professional, organic, SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) FREE, Paraben free, Hydrating shampoo. 


This does not have to be trial and error for you! 

Here are my Milk_shake brand suggestions for fantastic curly hair:


  • Milk_shake Curl Passion

Contains organic pracaxi and babassu oils, milk proteins, fruit extracts, Integrity 41 and quinoa proteins. Paraben & sulphate free. 

The definitive range to reveal the natural beauty of curly hair.


  • Milk_shake Moisture Plus

Maximum hydration to make hair feel fuller, more resistant, and shinier, day after day. 

Gives softness and manageability to dry hair, maintaining the hair’s optimal moisture balance. Organic papaya extract, Integrity 41 and hyaluronic acid gives a plumping action and protects hair colour. Paraben and SLES free.


  • Milk_shake Make my Day

A beauty blend of milk proteins and strawberry, goiji berry and raspberry extract with a gorgeous fragrance that leaves hair soft and shiny. 

Creamy texture makes the delicate shampoo perfect for all hair types without removing the hairs protective film. The complete range with a simple routine that leaves the hair soft, manageable and shine.


Giving your hair a good pre-wash treatment with every third wash is also essential. For this I recommend:

  • Milk-shake Integrity Nourishing Muru Muru Butter

Nourishing butter for hair. 

A unique nourishing blend for deep treatment. Leaves hair soft, nourished, and lustrous immediately after the first application. Paraben free. 


Do not forget to detangle and brush through those locks thoroughly while conditioning, as this will be crucial for perfect curl separation and definition.



Your most important part to loving these curls is the weightless hydration you give it. Don’t be scared to layer those products – you won’t be weighing it down. 


For this you need some weightless leave-ins and here is the best of the best versatile leave-in treatments from Milk_shake, that are easy to use, to give hydration and make hair manageable:

  • Milk_shake Whipped Cream

No rinse conditioning and protective creamy foam for all hair types. 

Formulated to condition hair, maintaining its moisture balance. Milk Proteins condition and restructure the hair, whiles specific emollient ingredients give long-lasting hydration and the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41 protects hair colour.


  • Milk_shake Leave-in Conditioner

Conditioning spray for normal or dry hair.

Gives manageability to damaged hair, protects the hair shaft and enhances the moisture balance of the hair. Milk proteins supplement and strengthen the hair shaft while fruit extracts and honey revitalize hair, making it glossy and more manageable. The exclusive ingredient: Integrity 41 protects hair from UV rays, improving colour stability.


  • Milk_shake Incredible milk

12 effects / leave-in for all hair types. 

Intensive spray mask for all hair types with organic muru muru butter, fruit extracts (blueberry, raspberry, papaya, mango) and milk proteins. 

1. Repairs all hair types 

2. Controls frizz 

3. Prevent split ends 

4. Protects from heat 

5. Improves hold 

6.Exceptional detangling 

7. Extreme shine 

8. Gives hair body and volume 

9. Improves the effects of straighteners and/or curling wands 

10. Protects and maintains colour 

11. Protects against UV rays 

12. Smoothens the cuticle.


  • Milk_shake Integrity Incredible Oil

Repairing and protective oil for damaged hair and split ends. 

A film-forming leave-in treatment formulated to protect hair from heated styling tools and other stress factors that weaken the hair. Nourishes, detangles, and helps seal the cuticle to counteract and prevent split ends, leaving hair incredibly shiny, manageable, and weightless.


Remember to really scrunch in that leave-in products for maximum hydration.



When it comes to styling these beautiful ringlets, less is definitely more!


Now that we have shown those curls some love and care, we need to get them to ‘pop’. 

Once the curl pattern has returned, one can get away with just a curly balm-like Milk_shake Curl Passion Curl Shaper, to be scrunched in and diffused on low heat till completely dry but, whilst in recovery we need something with more hold to define and hold the recovering curls. For this I recommend Milk_shake Curl Passion Curl Perfectionist.


  • Milk_shake Curl Passion Curl Perfectionist –

Curl defining cream. Defines and tames curls, banishing frizz and intensifying the natural texture of the hair. Gives long-lasting shape, softness, and shine. Contains quinoa proteins, Integrity 41, organic fruit extracts, milk proteins and UV Filter.


  • Milk_shake Curl Passion Curl Shaper -

Shaping fluid for curly hair. Ideal for defined and enduring curls. It intensifies the hair’s natural texture, giving control to defined curls and perfecting soft waves. Its specific formula guarantees an ant-frizz action, shine, and colour protection.


PRO TIPS:          

  • Once those curls are dry, you can rustle them loose by just shaking and scrunching them out but do not fiddle with them - the more stress you put on them, the more separated they will become, resulting in frizz.

  • Stay away from products that contain alcohol like most gels, as this will dry out your curls, create frizz, and produce crisp, 80’s style curls. Remember, we are looking for natural, soft, and bouncy curls.

  • Do not put stress on the hair by either hot temperature heat styling or tying your hair back in sleek ponytails. Opt for clips and grips if a controlled style is required.



Well done, curly girl, you are fabulous! 

Now lift that head with those beautiful curls, put on your favourite lipstick, take one last look in the mirror on your way out while grabbing that bag. Go own that look, go strut that walk and go stop traffic!

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