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milk_shake® Leave-In Treatments: Perfect Retail Products for Dry, Thirsty Winter Hair

Your Clients Need Your Help This Winter so let Milk_shake® Help your Retail Flourish!

milk_shake® Leave-In Treatment solutions in your retail space during the winter months will help your clients maintain their healthy, lustrous hair and ensure deeply hydrated hair that is full of life, resistant and radiant.


For conditioned, shiny hair - milk_shake®’s star treatments for dry winter hair.

Versatile, easy-to-use products for hydrated, manageable hair.

Leave-In Treatments – easily applied to damp hair and left-in – no rinsing required.

Natural Beauty Without Compromise

Our challenge is to use natural, organic ingredients without compromising the quality of the formulas or the results.


Each active ingredient is selected for its specific action and lasting aesthetic effect, for weightless hair with maximum vitality and shine.

milk_shake® Key Ingredients

milk proteins

  • bind to the hair’s structure, providing strength and body.

integrity 41®

  • a protective agent. Concentrated glycolic extract of sunflower seeds titrated in polyphenols - antioxidant agents that have a strong action against free radicals and help protect colour-treated and natural hair from free radical damage (e.g. UV irradiation, aggressions from chemical treatments etc.).

amino acid complex

  • are the building blocks that make up protein. The amino acid complex found in milk_shake® are derived from wheat and soy.


no rinse conditioning & protective creamy foam for all hair types

A no rinse formula with a deep protective action, formulated to condition hair whilst maintaining the moisture balance of the hair and protecting the hair colour. Milk proteins condition and restructure the hair, whilst specific emollient ingredients give long-lasting hydration and the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41® improves colour stability. Leaves hair soft, shiny and radiant.


leave-in conditioner for all hair types

Spray conditioner, gives manageability to damaged hair, protecting the hair shaft and enhancing the moisture balance of the hair. Milk proteins supplement and strengthen the hair shaft whilst fruit extracts and honey revitalize the hair, making it shiny and more manageable. The exclusive ingredient, Integrity 41®, protects the hair from UV rays, improving colour stability.


12 effects / leave-in for all hair

Intensive spray mask for all hair types with organic muru muru butter, fruit extracts (blueberry, raspberry, papaya, mango) and milk proteins

1. Repairs all hair types

2. Controls frizz

3. Prevents split ends

4. Protects from heat

5. Improves hold

6. Exceptional detangling

7. Magnificent shine

8. Adds body and volume

9. Improves the effects of straighteners and/or curling wands

10. Protects and maintains colour

11. Protects against UV rays

12. Smoothens the cuticle.

SILVER SHINE / the secret to beautiful blonde hair

whipped cream

creamy conditioning foam for blond or grey hair

Formulated with milk proteins, organic berry extracts and Integrity 41® to condition the hair, maintaining its ideal moisture balance and protecting hair colour. Enriched with a specific violet pigment that neutralizes unwanted yellow and golden tones typical of white, grey, blond or lightened hair. Gives manageability and leaves hair radiant, soft and healthy.


no rinse coloured conditioning creamy foam

Formulated to condition and give an immediate and even colour tone to the hair. Conditions and restructures the hair, long-lasting hydration, and the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41® to improve colour stability. The colour tone is easily removed via cleansing.

  • 12 coloured and deliciously fragranced foam suitable for all hair types

Golden Blond, Cold Brunette, Intense Grey, Light Grey, Warm Brunette, Cold Brunette, Violet, Light Blue, Light Red, Light Pink, Rose Brown, Copper, Beige Blonde

  • revives and refreshes colour tones in colour-treated hair, maintaining hair colour for longer

  • maximises shine in natural hair

  • gently tones lightened or very light hair


for longer lasting flexible curls - paraben free leave-in spray for curly hair

A spray treatment, ideal to give softness and manageability.

Helps to make curls bouncy, flexible and long-lasting.

To use: distribute evenly over clean, damp hair and proceed with styling.


the beauty benefits of argan oil

argan treatment oil for all hair types

To use: Massage a few drops onto palms of hands and distribute through hair, before or after styling.

SUN&MORE’S INCREDIBLE MILK - beauty and sun protection for South African Conditions

12-effects leave in treatment for all hair types

A spray mask with 12 cosmetic benefits in a ‘sun edition’, with added UV filters, to give all the necessary elements to protect hair all year round. No rinse formula.

1. Repairs all hair types

2. Tames frizz

3. Prevents split ends

4. Protects from heat

5. Gives manageability

6. Detangles

7. Gives incledible shine

8. Gives body and volume

9. Enhances use of flat or curling irons

10. Protects and maintains colour

11. Protects from UV rays

12. Smoothens the cuticle

Milk_shake® products are all created with an awareness of their environmental impact and a solid commitment to minimize such impact by reducing sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride in the product formulas and opting for packaging and printed materials that can be recycled.


Milk_shake® can Help your Retail Flourish in the Winter Months

During the month of April, be on the lookout for more information on these milk_shake moisture products and all the great benefits to your clients and you as salon owner who can so easily supply them!

Available now from your favourite milk_shake® rep!

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