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London Wellness Academy: Part 1 – The Benefits of Working Onboard Cruise Ships

With several new cruise ships set to launch in 2024, and the training courses for onboard hairstylists easily available in South Africa, you too could be working on board a luxury cruise ship and sailing the world to exotic destinations while earning tax-free dollars!

Does this sound like an exciting, life changing opportunity?


Hairdressers are in high demand on cruise ships and South African hairdressers are known for their hard-working ethos and their excellent skills. Now is the time to interview for a cruise ship contract, so that you’re able to make exciting changes in your life and career.

London Wellness Academy is the leading training institute for spas and wellness with over 40 years’ experience. They recruit hairstylists and spa professionals to work for the most prominent cruise lines, that sail to sought-after destinations all around the world.

Q. How old must I be to work onboard a cruise ship, and what qualifications do I need?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years of age, and you need to be a qualified hairstylist. 


Q. What is the length of contract? Can I engage for a second contract?

For spa and salon staff, the contract is 9 months. Many people go back for several back-to-back contracts.


Q. How much time off will I have?

Staff receive 1.5 days off for every 7 days of work. Scheduled days may depend on your ship and itinerary. These will either be one full day and one half-day, or three half-days. Your manager will try to coordinate your days off with the ship’s days in one of the scheduled ports.

Q. How much vacation time can I look forward to?

For every month worked, staff receive one week of vacation time, where you’re free to visit the ports where your ship is docked and enjoy the exotic sights, scenes, and food!


Q. What does it take to succeed on board ship on a contract?

It requires commitment and balance. You work hard and play harder. At sea, spa professionals are entrepreneurs, helping to run the business, promoting the spa, filling their own columns, helping team members achieve a common goal. Teamwork helps you succeed!


Q. What happens on embarkation day? Will I start work straight away?

The Spa Manager or one of the team members greets all the new staff and helps you settle in. After an orientation, prepare to begin working immediately.


Q: Can I experience some of the activities and entertainment on board ship?

Crew can usually visit the various lounges, watch world-class performances and Broadway shows in the theatres, and more as long as they adhere to dress codes. There is always a crew bar and most ships, especially larger vessels, also have a crew sunbathing deck with a pool.

How To Apply!

Go to and complete the online application form. A recruitment consultant will be in touch with you asap to set up a confidential interview. 


With positions open from March 2024, there has never been a better time to embark on a thrilling career path at sea. 



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