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Local Inspiration from Charles Junior Louw

What an incredible blonde balayage done by Charles Jounior Louw on his client, turning her faded and dull style into rich and vibrant glamour look.

Click the image below to see the Instagram post.


I went in with reverse airtouch technique Illumina 6/16(15g) + 6/ (15g) + 1.9% pastel developer (1:2).

Alternating with freehand balayage Blondor + 1.9% pastel developer (1:2).

Rinsed and washed with Fushion shampoo.

Then applied Illumina 6/16 + 1.9% pastel (1:1) on roots and applied 10 (40g) + 1.9% pastel (1:2) on the midlengths and ends.

Rinsed and washed.

Applied Shinefinity 09/73(20g) + 09/61 (10g) + 08/89(10g) + Shinefinity bottle activator.

Stylist: Charles Junior Louw

Products: Wella Professionals

Follow Charles on Instagram @charlesjuniorlouw

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